Diy Aquaponics Design Part 1: Fish tanks, Plant trays, Plumbing



Poirier Thusecomang says:

great video telling the truth, I did not need to buy the program to know it is a scam?, i use AQUAPONICS X10
for daily income.

Tanner Stage V says:

If you can’t get a rectangle tank to stay clean then this must be real news to the aquarium guys out there. I admit aquaponics can have lots of debris and rounded tanks are easier but those aquarium guys have way more experience. Aquarium hobbies and pot growers have given the aquaponics people tons of products to use.

Saran Chhoey says:

teacher what is the ecological biochemistry mean?

RupertofOZ says:

Why would any investors come to you for advice on commercial aquaponics?

Micky Mic says:

Why aquaponics is not substainable as a business? Can we get in touch about that point? Do you have a web page about that point already?

Martin Thationown says:

is best step by step guide for begginers

kd1ist says:

So what do you think about an aquaponics system set up to supplement a food truck company as a backup organic food supply

Will Gibbons says:

i like that you share your experience. Although, you talk too much about the mistakes you’ve made in the past. I’m typing this as you speak and you’re on a few minute tangent now about carpentry and cement poring.

setite says:

Is the square tank problem only for acutely angled containers like an acrylic fish tank? You said the anaerobic environment will “spike up your pH, your acidification”. What about IBC tanks. This guy mentioned that he has trouble with his pH, he has to add sodium bicarbonate often. I was wondering if he is correct that its just from H+ ions from the nitrification or nitri-something or if its the problem you mentioned with the shape. His IBC containers are squarish with rounded edges.

Dylan Burke says:

You’re trippin’ buddy.  You don’t know a lot about the techniques and designs that you’re discounting and you don’t seem to know much about plastic or what constitutes “food safe”.  I would be more understanding of your points (and you do have some decent ones), but you shouldn’t be parading around as if you know all the truths when there is so much you’re struggling to explain because you haven’t thought it through enough… :/

Jimenez Comagarsur says:

Have you tried – AQUAPONICS X10
?It is a good one off guide for learning how to expand your produce with the clever art of aquaponics minus the normal expense.

Vlad Klimovich says:

I will make it. Just got instructions from InpliX website and I’m ready for do it 😀

MARGO F says:

I am going to listen to EVERY idea you hv. Because I hv only been gathering stuff for 19 months; little by little, but hv not put into effect yet. Speak on Brother. Much Respect. Margo

TTHR says:

i dont see the links m8

RupertofOZ says:

33 minutes of waffle, generalisations (often wrong)… and basically nonsense

Betrays a very rudimentary knowledge about aquaponics principles generally… and design in particular…

Andrew White says:

Hey great vid but hell you talk too much,

MARGO F says:

Thanks in Advance for all your efforts/knowledge- I bought a 100gal, Rubbrmd Elip blk farm tub & got a deal on 7 shower tubs. Is your system adaptable for my findings? Respectfully, Marg

Lee Ralph says:

Lots of good info. I have a question or two about the system I had planned to build.  My plan was to use our  existing koi pond  for the fish  tank. I was going to build a wood box (2×6 by 12 inches (at least) deep) …but after watching this, I see you suggest hydroponic trays 2×4 x6. Would I still be able to use the koi pond as the tank with trays that size?
Thanks for the help, Lee

Gigglebyte Aquaponics and Backyard Farming says:

I Enjoyed your video!! Check out my organic aquaponics channel please you’ll love it . I’m currently growing Zucchini kale, tomatoes and passionfruit just to name a few 🙂

Please like and subscribe!!

Ale Gur says:

I have spent months studying home aquaponics and found an awesome resource at Keiths Ponics Site (check it out on google)

Gandy Whandricits says:

is best step by step guide for begginers

Hannah Daniel says:

also what happned to your 140 page DIY booklet?

Rick Lee says:

Anyone who thinks this chicago city boy is knowledgable. You’re so completely WRONG! This guy is completely BS on what he talks. Basically everyone in the world who does aquaponics is wrong and what he does is the right way. That’s mostly what he talks about his video’s and notice when he said we were the 1st to do it in chicago. Just damn Arrogrant! Hope your business fails. You want to act high and mighty like God, then he will smite you

Tom Gibson says:

links below? where?

Julieta W says:

I notice this is from 2014. Not sure if you’re still active. Loved your first video and am trying to find the part about the Bell Syphon. can’t seem to figure out where it ended up. HELP please. Getting all my stuff ready to get started in Spring

Carlotta Tiniakoff says:

Hard time hearing you

Hannah Daniel says:

you were talking about the siphons then the video ended and part 2a started into bio filters, what happened?

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