D.I.Y plumbing goes horribly wrong!

Gary tries to fit a new toilet and fails.. “Right, I need loads of towels” haha


CalumR 20 says:

turn the water off next time you donut

yensabi says:

Why do people try and do things they have got no idea how to fix….stupidity…………!!!!

dublin shea says:

he stepped out of slippers in panic that’s why we have plumbers ass hole

TrickyGee says:

Always keep a pushfit stop end handy best £1 youl ever spend !

AD Ron says:

I have shared the link before but YouTube clips don’t get many views on our page as the video doesn’t automatically load hence why I asked for the original clip to be sent in. Never mind and thanks anyway

jasen ratnam says:

have you heard of main water shut off valve?

jimbobmedog says:

Leave it to the pros

smirnoff1962 says:

Faulty STOP COCK was the problem, toilet not the problem!!!

WYGD1990 says:

how exactly did this happen?

TrickyGee says:

Always keep a pushfit stop end handy best £1 youl ever spend !

Paul Martin says:

my pal attempted to change his mains stopcock with a freezing sleeve as couldn’t locate the one in street….. didn’t end well ! he had high pressure, near freezing water pissing up to the ceiling and all over, fucked his new laminate floor and ceiling and plaster and was off sick for a week , nearly went hypothermic. I still laugh now

quicksilver709 says:

i work in a plumbing shop…… i am a plumber……. i have the unfortunate time in work to deal with complete and utter wankers like this idiot all day long… to scabby to hire in apro ……. knows everything but actually knows sweet fuck all………gary the useless cunt here lads. go back to your bar stool gary. thats the place for you me aul son……. as for that other thick fuck that walked in………anything i can do gary????? yeah i think so….go and serve your time as a plumber… properly… 4 fucking year trade …. sure i tell ye wat lads, may tommorow we will become butchers or study law for the day or fly a 747 or even become president…… dopey pair of shit heads.

Contractor services says:

a big oooops!!!

ibi nyth says:

Gary has to be his step dad

AD Ron says:

Be great if you could send the original video file to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tradesmen-banter/325410064319102
so we can upload it! thanks

prettygrunt says:

Pair of fucking useless wankers.

Vivi Cat says:

Plumbing story: my dad and I were in the basement and he had too open the drain pipe for the kitchen sink as it was plugged with grease and all sorts and and drilled into it one time and the second time, all the water laying on top of the grease started shooting out everywhere and then the grease started coming out and it was so messy

Zed Man says:

Help your dad? No I’ll put it on YouTube! Typical youth of today never wanting to get their hands dirty. Play pooter games instead.

vonbushwick79 says:

What a yob!!!!

fuzzy wuzzy says:

what an ass hole

All Hours Plumbing SLC says:

That was disastrous. It’s situations like these that are best left to the professionals.

daniel smith says:

His lad Seriosly asked what should I do ? .. Erm find water main and turn it the water of . Problem solved

Mentorn Media UGC says:

Hi Jim,

I am contacting you from a UK television company called Mentorn Media (www.mentorn.tv).

We would like to include this clip in our programme currently titled ‘Make You Laugh Out Loud’ which we are making for Channel 5 in the UK. The programme will celebrate the hilarious things that can be found on the internet and will be shown on television and online platforms worldwide.

Do you own rights to the clip? If not, do you know who does?

I would be grateful if you could let me know either way. My email address is pdelaney@mentorn.tv

Best wishes and thank you


Private Pirate says:

All the gear and no idea!

Robert Jimenez says:

go out side and trun off the water

James Hudson says:

The worst sound to hear as a plumber! Panic mode laugh

kc0eks says:

well…lots of your feet. no shut off valve? or what?

Terry Welck says:

Stop for a few moments, and think about what you are doing….My first two questions. “What could possibly happen? And how do I avoid them?”

robert karas says:

do you not have a water shutoff?

rodenthideout says:

its sinking Jim!

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