Building a House – #09 Underground Plumbing
How an underground drain line is installed during new construction. I don’t show the actual installation as it is done the same as in wall pipe. The goal here is to show how the pipe is laid out and prepared for inspection.


Marc Aubin says:

You need to roll those fittings for proper venting.  F/D not vented why??? its not 3″ F/D off a 4″ pipe that terminates to open air. And installing w/c flange now is not a good ideal

Johnny Casteel says:

RegArdless of code you should NEVER pressure test PVC haha

Akbar Chillin says:

wow, an objector pit sounds like a good idea! never heard of one before you mentioned it hear Daniel.

pdog Akron says:

use a vibratory compactor, NOT a jumping jack! Unless you want to bust your plumbing connections

Hardie Basketball says:

Nice video. I was surprised how much you actually knew about the plumbing. I am a Journeyman Plumber and our Jurisdiction code is based on the UPC. Uniform Plumbing Code. I heard that the IRC code has a lot less venting requirements.

Gary Dohogne says:

Here in chicago you would lose your job

bounchofbeaners says:

its supposed to be an eighth inch of fall for 3 and 4 inch pipe and a quarter inch of fall for 2 inch and 1 and a half pipe..

David Smitherman says:

Can you have to steel of a drain pipe?

ramazouti eros says:

thanks Daniel

agustin rosales says:

Never air test pvc!

Ezaarkash says:

Great video.. thanks very helpful. I am gonig to be building a house soon and will need all this kind of help that I can get. I will also be installing a leach field – so your video for inspection etc.. was helpful.

Henry Marquez says:

here in canada, that flat vent is not allowed unless is a wet vent, big no, no

B D says:

Good video but I would add that your measurements are “to center”, for instance your closet, the 12in should be “to center” not just “12 inches from the finished wall” because some people might take that as the edge closest to the wall should be 12 inches and then you would be off when do your top out. I’m learning to be a plumber also so I don’t know everything but I do know that.

palumber ramesh 9065447960 says:

plumber Ramesh

Xxlaynpipe22xX says:

Nothing is vented except the lav at this point…bad layout as well, why drain all the way across the house just to pump it all they way back again?

Chris Cary says:

this is a horizontal wet vent for a bathroom group which I s legal, one thing I noticed is the 3×2 wye is incorrect, should be 3 inch wye and 3 inch pipe to headed tword the shower and use a 3×2 wye to catch the vent pipe and a 3×2 bushing to catch the shower drain

Di Si says:

Thank you good information may God and Jesus bless you

Jaja Gaga says:

where is the cleanout? if it is clugged up,

Sylvan Tieger says:

Wow talk about uncivilized codes that all so much distance from the fixture to the vent normally with in 2 feet of the fixture . Also most authorities call for a hydrostatic test of 10 feet of water

Also decent codes call for CLEAN FILL below and above the piping as to to have rocks that can damage the watse or vent lines

ouchen samr says:


Sam B says:

i wish plumbers were this anal when they are actually getting paid to do a job and not just on the youtube comment section

shauntampa says:

I guess the floor drain doesn’t need a vent? Or the toilet?

Roosbin Pancan says:

that is completely wrong

peter58peter says:

all of u, plumbers, right now, on u-tube r ordinary crocks!

Soccer21 says:

Here in Houston testing pvc with air is a MAJOR NONO!!

somaa elsapak says:

Very good

ace toxic says:

I’ve held journeymans licenses in two states AZ and WA state. Both are UPC states and this would not pass inspection. The rate of flow downstream of the closet bend is too much looked like 1/2 ” per foot not 1/4 bubble. The vent exceeds the distance on a 3″ trap arm. A Wisconsin tee or side outlet tee is sometimes legal in certain jurisdiction and would have been cleaner. A wet vent over the toilet is unnecessary and can be illegal in certain jurisdictions. The shower should have it’s own vent and c/o. The toilet vent needs to be full size of the whole drain if everything is gonna tie in and extend out just once. The floor drain has no vent and no trap primer. The only way we got around that was if a condensation drain was going to be piped into the floor drain. The truth though is will this system work yeah is it up to code and would a union journeyman install this on say an Intel jobsite or a commercial structure, he’ll no. It’s just shows that the contractor is a hack and has never worked on anything substantial or a jackass of all trades put it in. If it’s a homeowner ok cool I can respect that . But if you grew up in the trade went to school passed actual trade tests to get your contractors license or journeyman tests. You dont like to see amateurs posing as professionals and degrading the money we work hard to go after. The common reputation of plumbers are that we’re glorified ditch diggers. I my self can tell you it takes alot more to plumb in systems that carry chemicals that will kill a person if they leak. My grandfather had a Kohler poster in the shop that started how plumbers affect the health of the nation. We do. I did. I took a lot of pride in my job and quite frankly never had respect for anyone who didn’t want to build something the absolute best way possible no matter how small a job. You spend most of your life at work doing a good job is what makes a person happy cause none can take that shit away from you. Later

Vardan Orudzhyan says:

A lot of mistakes.
Not done by the codes

Jeremy Snyder says:

wow this plumber doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, probably a non union hack. One in properly placed horizontal wet vent (suspect as horizontal wet venting already is), not to mention the toilet flange he already has glued on…. before the concrete is poured. wheres the clean outs for every 135 degrees change of direction? Higher union plumbers people, its an actual skill thats important.

GGaming says:

Important question why isnt the toilet vented?

Drew Faulkner says:


The Burning Bird says:

I’m going to build my own house one day, and imma hire some pro’s

Crystaryl says:

nice! thank you.

Samuel Saw says:

What is a wet vent

Emman Hilario says:

the connection of ventilation is wrong. they have tendency blocked the ventilation pipe by the water stock or returning the waste water into line

Sean Mulholland says:

Cod is 17-19 of wall

The King says:

Can anyone share their professional opinion, is it wise idea to build a basement in a sandy area?

Questchaun says:

Not sure how I’d feel about pressurized shit pumped through the floor joists.

HPMan says:

Vents need to roll up with 22 1/2 min & no vent on floor drain

Chad Simmons says:

This ground-work,should be laid on a bed of gravel,and not on the dirt! if the ground gets wet below the concrete-slab it could sink causing the piping to sag and clog up over time,there should be at least 3-inches of gravel below the ground work plumbing

Jani Bahi says:

combord in side fiting explan

mike smith says:

Daniel. thank you for this. I have a question. is the fall a quarter inch per foot or a quarter inch of fall? so if I ad a sewer in that went from my house 50′ to my septic, my septic and pipe need to be buried 12″?

Alex Quinones says:

Toilet doesn’t have vent

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