63. SHE’S BACK – DIY Vinyl Flooring on a Bulkhead + PEX Plumbing | Learning the Lines [SCD Part 3]

She’s back! Randi left me for six days to go visit her sister in Oregon, giving me the opportunity to push my work ethic to it’s limit. She’s back now and is hopefully going to be impressed with the work I got done.

In this vlog I managed to do a little plumbing with PEX and veneered a bulkhead with waterproof vinyl flooring to surprise Randi when she got back to the boat.

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Learning the Lines is a channel about us, an average couple in our 20’s, with big dreams to be sailing the world by the time we’re in our 30’s. We’re not afraid to jump into anything, put in the work, and learn as we go. For this reason our channel is very DIY focused, with the goal to show anyone watching that a lot is possible if you’re not afraid to make some mistakes along the way.

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Fredrick Rourk says:

Nice to see all the vids coming out! Glad Randi is back! Hey whatever happened to your buds at Abandon Comfort? They been MIA of late.

Sara Hawkins says:

You done brilliant on the pump and hose. Respect.

Sailing Sand Ra Jean says:

Nice job !

Jack Murray says:

Do you buy TWO of everything? So a spare pump, etc, so later when the new one fails in the middle of the pacific, you can replace it easily.

Jason St Pierre says:

I know I know, budget. BUT>>>Sharkbite<<< fittings are very nice with PEX. The wall looks great.

Mick Dugger says:

Let me tell you from experience hose clamps does not work on PEX they will leak

Mike L Hawaii says:

Great idea!

steaklover says:

Very nice work and welcome home Randi!

Niagra2011 says:

Great job! Your channel is very enjoyable to watch! It has been interesting to see how far your boat has come from start to current. Excellent videos and a lot of hard work. It will all be worth it soon. Your very fortunate that Randi is willing and able to get dirty and accomplish all thats on the check list with you. You two are a great team and compliment one another well.
Welcome back Randi!

Clint Davis says:

Sheetrock and popcorn ceiling ? Dude your girlfriend should be an actress. She does not like the teak bulkhead when she said what the…just saying

Netpackrat says:

I probably would have sealed the raw plywood of that bulkhead with resin first, but hopefully no water will reach it for it to matter. Excellent idea using the vinyl flooring, looks good.

korgeth says:

Bulkhead 😛 lmao

DoubleODude says:

Love it. Two planks of teak flooring glue up and the contact cement buzz kicks in. LOL

Adam Carr says:

I have 300+ square feet of that EXACT flooring in my basement. Installed it 4 years ago and is wears incredible well… I really like the surface texture.

Scott Flint says:


Willson LeFevers says:

just laying the laws on the land while im learning the lines of nice sized chimes also when im blowen the tubes to get of the loobs that lead to the rooms snaken around tombs. Later taters love ur vids

Andrew Rose says:

MATE… you should really kill that spare outlet back to the nipple, the dead end that you just created will produce stagnant water and propagate bacterial growth. Plumbing code doesn’t allow dead ends for this reason.

Dvseire says:

Bulkhead…(Thru-hull!) Lol! 🙂

Seth Atwood says:

comment here

Bobby Baldeagle says:

Good job there kiddo…

Mike H says:

Just a suggestion from experience Home Depot stuff is harder to fix when things need fixed and are not marine materials in those areas like islands were you may buy or get off another cruiser that didn’t rig his boat out of a home improvement store your wall looks good certain adhesive don’t stand up to the adverse environment hope it holds up for you

anonymous user says:

Heat swagged PEX with pipe clamps? This should be interesting.

A Hendrix says:

Nice job —but when that contact cement turns loose in that florida heat and humidity—go back to Loews or home depot and get several tubes of a liquid nails product called ” fuse it” and spread it around to a thin coat and re-hang the flooring back on the walls-use a good stiff roller to press it down and walk away for a few hours–best of luck!!!!!!!!!!

Ddubzz says:

You got a lot done in 6 days!! the wall looks great! amazing how a small wall changes the look of the whole boat!!

steve hart says:

I used the same flooring in a bamboo pattern on a boat sole it looked awesome and wore great. The only problem was if it gets wet it is slippery and the water stays under the vinal and takes forever to dry.

Bass 167 says:

Why are you not using a shut off valve in case you have a leak you can shut the water off so you can fix it without having to pull the boat out to fix them do not understand

Joe Franklin says:

That is a great ideal . That was wise about doing thing for wile.

OLDBD1 says:

Nice !

K Jonesy says:

Good surprise!

Jeremy Ruether says:

wall looks weird but in an awesome way

Chas Wolf says:

Nice! All well done.

TheSloth says:

Making good progress, can’t wait until you guys make it back out on the water

Ron Shoe says:

You are one of my favorites! What i like about it, it is just what it is. No more, no less! Just honest! Great!

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