#439: HOW TO: DIY Fry Rack Painted and Plumbing Plans Part 3 – DIY Wednesday

This is part 3 of the wall mounted aquarium rack build. In this episode we paint the rack, apply epoxy to the inside of the gutters, and show how we plan to plumb this all together. To view the previous parts, click the links below:

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSZcaO6so1w
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9pVBtiQNDI

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Music attributed to Kevin Macleod under creative commons.


Alberto Ramos says:

Brilliant…can wait to see the final assy. Is there anyway you can publish a drip parts list and maybe some links to get the parts as well as the pump and pressure relief valve switch. Also I noticed you used some epoxy putty to seal some gutter caps. Any reason you used this instead of aquarium safe silicone ? Awesome project. keep up the good work. One last question….are you gluing to light these up ? thanks.

Egor Moisenko says:

Go to woodprix if you’d like to build it yourself.

kharmoniet says:


PM says:

Hi nice video, where can you get thoose tanks?

Joseph Cascio says:

can’t wait to see it in action!!

Marks Shrimp Tanks says:

Great build Greg .

J Lathem says:

You could just keep a few small paper binders near the breeder boxes that you could use to pinch off the tube if you need to stop the flow for any reason.

You-Tube Junkie says:

Very Nice.

mario vb says:

how do you prefend fry go into the drainer i have marine box to and the fry swim trought the plastic holders even with poly filter(white wattes ) they swim in it and get stuck (rainbowfry)

Mitchell Broome says:

You might run into a problem with lack of pressure to the top boxes if you run 1/4″ line all the way up. I would suggest running the 1/2″ pvc up the side and tee off at each shelf down to the 1/4″. I had to go that route when I setup a rack of 10G tanks. It was hard to regulate the pressure the same from the closest by the pump to the furthermost away.

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