4 Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes that Cost More Than a Plumber | Halifax, NS | 902 702 8772

You work hard, so we understand when you’re trying to save a dollar, but DIY plumbing only saves you money if you don’t make any of these beginner mistakes.

1. The most common weekend-warrior mistake is water damage. Before you remove pipes or clear P-traps, make sure to turn off the water, either to a specific fixture or to the whole house.

2. Another common mistake is an incomplete toolkit. If you don’t have the right tools at the right time within reach of a problem, you may find yourself up a creek without the right paddle. Sit down and map it out. Then borrow, beg or buy any tools that you will need, before you start working.

3. We find that people rely on drain cleaner too often. Drain cleaner, even natural products, are highly corrosive materials that, with enough exposure, can eat through your washers, valves and pipes. Try using vinegar, baking soda or a plunger to solve your problems first, and spare yourself the high cost of repairs.

4. Know when to ask for Professional help. We visit homes every year where a simple plumbing issue has turned into a complete renovation. Sometimes the best cost savings can happen when you put down your wrench, put away your pride and pick up your phone. Do what you are good at, and leave the annoying stuff to us.

Many plumbing mistakes made by amateurs can be costly in terms of water damage, safety and time wasted. When a project moves past your skill level or comfort zone then do not hesitate to call.

We are Best Master Plumbers serving Halifax, Dartmouth and the Regional Municipality. No matter what your plumbing problem, you can save money and time by having one of our certified professional plumbers inspect your plumbing. Call us at 902 702 8772, or visit us at Halifaxtoiletplumber.com, and sleep tight tonight.

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