Very Easy Abstract Painting Demonstration / Fun & Satisfying / Project 365 days / Day #0328

Very easy,satisfying and fun demonstration of abstract painting on canvas using acrylic paints and palette knife from project 365 days / day #0328

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كّْصيرو نـہـہ says:

وااااو تخبل

İsmail Bakan says:

Sadece benim yorumum türkçe ❤❤❤

Zuzia Tomasiak says:


DrAlbert Pakin says:

What kind of paint do you use? I want to start painting with a palate and not brushes.

Rimsha Khurshid says:

Whats the name of these colors

fifi tdjfulu alzusjfjdy says:

انا من العرب معجبة بقناتك اتمنا لك التوفيق

Nola Brown says:

Love to watch how easy he makes this look.

GMAS dance says:

This is Not called abstrakt painting……. IT is called satisfying



Rondas Face says:

So much thick paint wasted.. Makes Bob Ross look like a God of painting.

Bhaswati Das says:

The combination is nice

زهرة اللوتس says:

ماشاء الله جميل

Евдокия Астанина says:

Красиво получается

Kryptic Koncepts says:

Question. Why do you put the paint on your canvas in patterns? Like dots instead of a straight line? Just wondering bc im new to acrylic painting n stuff and curious if there is a reason for it

sonia bansal says:

What is it

eliel brito medeiros says:


lover boy says:

Paint waste stop this

احلى صباح stay positive says:

ماهي نوعية الالوان

mariana souza says:

Ficou orrivel

Jocepticon Carts says:

What type of canvas is that?? Linen or cotton???

Diksha and Gauri says:

Are you solding it in a high price like 1 laks or more

Ju Hanim says:

I never understand abstract art but I guess it has its own uniqueness. And I supposed it’s a great piece.

LushLily Edits says:

You overdid the canvas.. but anyways it’s good

Unicorn Camarena says:

Gross and ugly

I am a child and know how to paint better than you

Elsa Millan says:

Espectacular.esos trabajos tan lindos y esa música de fondo logran llenarme de paz

Bhaswati Das says:

It is nice when you put the blue and dark blue

The Diddly Dees says:

It’s amazing.if I was doing it I would leave out the pink but that’s just my opinion. I love it it’s great

하 하 says:


Aurora Ponce says:

Empieza bien y lurgo
luego la embarra

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