Top 20 Artist Hacks (Painter!)

20 artist hacks with helpful LINKS below!
1. DIY Pallet
2. Edge Taping Hack
3. Pallet Knife Perks
4. *Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank* $6.07 on
5. Lonely Studio Cure
6. Complimentary Color Info
7. Art Shortcuts (Drawing Transfer)
8. Painting Over Photos
9. Gesso/Mod Podge Transfer
11. Artist-Inspo
12. Comparing work & references
13. MDF Board
14. Hairspray Fixative
15. Michaels Sales Hacks
16. Making Multiple Pieces
17. Hand Lettering Hack (Crafty)
18. Measuring Angles with Pencils
19. Studio Lights LINK:



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Rohnit Sethi says:

Hey you could just buy a canvas pad

basil the merciful says:

studio chicken is my spirit animal

AimeesCray says:


Tessa Avonlea says:

I’m itching to paint now… but my paints are about 50 miles away 🙁

Fishing and Fotos with Freda says:

Love your information, and you’re so cute to watch, but….my goodness, that background music is annoying at best. Is there anyway you can tone it down or not make it so annoying?

Painting With James says:

I love rewatching your videos. You make me smile so much

Katie Jones says:


Richárd Bíró says:

you are cool 😀

joolsner says:

Please can someone help me with this? How do you do the charcoal transfer for painting that she talks about ? What is she doing in the video as it’s too quick.

Ali Azary says:

you’re soooooo hilarious. thanks for the tips and also for being entertaining.

Jagadish Ladawa says:

You are fun n educative.

Chez Pig says:

Why don’t you give me your *chicken*
I need it
Gimme your *chicken*

Hong Drawing says:

U r funny. I love u

Kaylin Roberts says:

I knew all of these except for the complementary colors one. Cool video, I’ll keep that one in mind

Samba_Vocalize says:

You rock!

Mya Ruri Lay says:

yaey thank u

Agatha Duzan says:

I need Hoodie in my studio

Rebecca Pechon says:

2:46 sad orange
2:48 happy orange lol

aquasun3 says:

And how much were they each?

Lynnda Davis says:

haha its cute that she printed out the word subscribe.

icka says:

I love hoodie

Salo Monkey says:

Muy profesional tu video, me alegro haberlo encontrado, eres adorable, divertida y sobretodo con una pristina inteligencia!!!

maddy matty says:

You’re very creative and funky and fun

Happy Place says:

I am a senior college art student and i can’t believe no one has ever thought me the face drawing technic! thank you xxx

Crafting play-doh says:

I love chickens as a studio pet !!!!!!!!

Galaxy Cat says:


Matthew K. says:

What’s the chicken’s name

icka says:

I love hoodie

Apfelbaum baum says:

She has a chicken, she gets eggs for free

DGawsomeMe says:

You know what else you can do for mixing? A plate.

Kyah Vaughan says:

can you do a paint w/ me

Totally fandom Mermaid says:


ekisukmars says:

you cute

Mary Thompson says:

How to you prep the MDF boards? If you use acrylic gesso, what tips do you have to get a smooth coating (i.e. not have brushstroke grooves in the gesso)? If you’ve already done a video about this, I just haven’t found it yet, since I only found your videos very recently. Thanks!

Gabriel Reyes says:

i want a chicken

Chez Pig says:

Another tip:if your drawing somebody and you don’t know if it looks right take a pic and go into photoshop and flip it it will help to see if it looks ok (not flipping up to down )

aquasun3 says:

How many studio lights do you own?

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