Tips Painting A Room In 1 Hour. DIY How To Paint Walls Fast.

Painting walls fast. How to paint a room in your house in less then 2 hours. Some simple tips and tricks to make the interior painting process and little easier and faster. Painting techniques to paint walls. Home improvement painting hacks. Watch my DIY cut in playlist with this link:

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Michael Jagger says:

Does the one hour include prep time? Also 3 guys means it may take one guy 6 hours to prep and paint-Right?

Jerry Garcia says:

great video helpful info thank I for sharing.

rufus williams says:

more patches than a blind school

max flow says:


Adonia Sabastian says:

I will like to use satin paint for my room.. how many coating should i do? and should i mix the paint with water?

jolly renchan says:

blue wall & apt curtain design

flarivs says:

did u mix with a paint thinner to your paint?

Dave Defrost says:

OK label this 1 hour with a crew then(because the still shot of video doesn’t show a paint crew of 4),and don’t make it sound like it’s something a 1 person can do DIY, then go and label it 2 hours or less commented below?, your painting a lighter over a darker, and when going over red might even take 3 coats if it’s not the best primer paint in one like Marqee by Home Depot and…being eggshell,,lol all your cut in lines are faster though than my state being we have dam orange peel on everything and those are smooth, but if not, your crew is cutting in twice being the darker underneath color and brushing drags and takes a bit longer unless you thin it a hair to make your cut in time faster which I would do being I’m going to end up cutting 2x’s, and these are 12 foot ceilings, I noticed a waste of time and paper also, why mask with tape and paper over your drops to prevent spatter from a roller when your going to mask the top of the baseboards anyways, try just using the tape and paper on top of the base in the 1st place to kill 2 birds with one stone, what I do is use 1 1/2 inch tape over the base and snug my drop right up to it, saves paper and time and wasted excess tape being used, and I’m going to side with user name MANGE MANGE when I see you guys using a pan and not a grid and 5 gal bucket, LOL at least you guys knew to use grids in your duces at least. I just see short cuts that could be done, when I cut in up top I also roll across the top with a weenie roller wiping off the end plastic on the skin and cutting the end hairs off some so it doesn’t flair up and hit the ceiling, after the 1st cut and then weenie rolled it leaves the gap thickness of a dime and can’t be seen from below, it can eliminate cutting in 2 times if put on nice and thick and comes out nice when you finally roll up to it, another blooper of contradiction in your teaching video is that you mention to cut in 1st so you don’t have to rest a ladder onto the wall, well at Frame 4:35 I see your guy rolling 1st which cut in will have to be done after with a ladder, that’s half ass backwards and now contradicting what you were trying to teach your crowd, yes i do understand it’s a prime piss coat but if you cut in 1st twice then rolled your primer and main coat after there’s no unnecessary ladder on the walls at any point and rolling should be done right after the cut in to tie in while wet being eggshell is hell for flashing in sheen if not all done at once wet(cut N Roll), I just noticed on one part of vid he cut in 1st, then another part was done opposite, super thick cut in lines also in your corners, bet that took a pretty minute with the thickness of a brush, why not just worry about a fast pass just to fill in the tightest part of the corner being your going to roll in tight with a nap roller anyways. Shirwin Williams sells a nice $10 nap too for banging the corners out nicely, it has fibers like terry cloth and blue fibers mixed in that get in there super nice and fill, check it out, fills corner 100% better than poly naps and saves corner cut in time, he did do a pretty job though at itm : p I noticed you guys taped off the window jamb but it’s only 12 inches on top and most likely going to be rolled side ways with a weenie skin not making much spatter and being cut in, your partners aren’t that sloppy are they?, I guess safer then sorry so that room in 2 hours times 4 guys, I guess that’s how to do a room DIY in 8 hours, that room to me solo would take me 4 hours two coats with vaulted ceilings and a smooth wall and not orange peel or knock down, I’m a fast cutter. my 1st piss coat would have been the same color but in flat primer in one to dry even faster than eggshell and cover better 1st coat more than eggshell, then finalize in egg, Just some things I noticed in your vid, I prefer 5 gal buckets to get off extra excess and prevent dripping on drops.

Jeremy Childress says:

I dig your videos and your laid back style
My only critique would be a thirty minute dry time on your base coat could cause a bonding problem where there could be a lifting issue on the coating when you go to apply your second coat or when you pull tape
Most coatings are a four hour dry time between coats
Not hating on ya just sayin not giving enough dry time between coats especially on anything shinier than flat could be problematic I would think
I do like your vids though
Keep em coming

Dave Paxman says:

are all “professional” painters retarded and
failed math class? you had three men there painting so if you were there for 1 hour that would be 3 man hours please don’t mislead us. When you say you painted the room in 1 hour I have to assume that you mean what you say, you, but that isn’t true its you and 2 other men damn please change the title to how to paint a room in 3 hours plus add another hour for masking and prep work. Stop lying.

ChristopherP says:

Why You are not using spray gun? wouldn’t be easier?

Derek zarn says:

Oh… You mean ‘how to paint a room in 1 hour when you have 3 guys and you aren’t including any of the taping/carpet cover’. Moron

BenHatchFishing says:

We do things very different here in the U.K.

Great One says:

horrible color

Bloodstar123 says:

Don’t you remove the old paint first?

Record Breakingsuccess says:

Thanks for taking the time to make post this video. So you don’t cut in on the bottom of the wall? Are you using a roller right up to the taped base board?
Thanks again

Perry Tradesman says:

@Dave forget Home Depots Behr-
it used to be good before home depot bought it…
Don’t skimp on Quality top line brands.

Mange Mange says:

bro, you can get that shit all one coat. crappy painters.

David Smith says:

easy when no furniture and fittings

Please enter name says:

3 guy to paint one room? And you paint the room but don’t bother to paint the wood trim? I hope that was the customers choice

Mange Mange says:

hahhahhahh, nice roller pan. you seriously like to waste time.

tcliff1 says:

Maybe it’s just me, but I like to take my time when I paint. I never use tape or drop cloths and rarely ever make a mess. I find painting kinda zen-like. Of course, I don’t charge by the hour, so that’s not a problem

Ciaran Olsen says:

Great video. 2 questions: I see you cut in the ceiling first but rolled above the door frame, before cutting in the top of the door frame, does this leave a viable cut in line above the door frame? 2nd why do you prefer a 2 gallon bucket over a standard one gallon? I’ve never seen anyone use a 2 gallon in the trade probably cause the paint store in Vancouver only sells 1 and 5 gallon buckets. Is t worth finding 2
Gallon buckets?

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