Sakura – Easy DIY Cherry Blossoms Fluid Acrylic Poured Painting Technique

Spring is the time for flowers! The pinks and whites of flowering cherry trees just make me so happy.

This painting has a dirty flip cup acrylic poured background and then the flowers are made by layering drops of pinks and white paint and dragging a ball end stylus through to make the flower petals.

The All of the paints were mixed equal measures of the paint and Golden Polymer Medium Gloss.
DecoArt Crafter’s Acrylics in Island Blue and Tutti Fruity Pink.
Plaid Color Shift- Black Flash
Behr Premium Plus Ultra – Nano White

6×6 inch (15 cm x 15 cm) stretched canvas
5 ml Pipettes (big droppers)
Ball end Stylus Nail Tool

There’s no silicon oil or torching in my projects as I really worry about the possible side effects of burning the acrylic paints and the materials they are made from.

We all have to weigh the pros and cons of how we interact with our art supplies. Experimenting can be exciting and beautiful but there can be consequences we don’t know about yet. As with any thing in life be informed by reputable sources and your own common sense. 🙂

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The most important things you need to be successful with any of my creative projects are the willingness to learn and to be easy on yourself as you are learning. We tend to be our worst critics and we need to learn to be kind to ourselves.

I love the community that we are building here. We are caring and supportive of all levels of crafters, makers and Artists.

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Leslie Sheldon says:

What fun! I loved watching the painting evolve with no real idea of how it would turn out. I would love to see more of these videos!

Pam Paulson says:

I am a first timer to your videos and I absolutely love what you did here. You are a wonderful teacher and your video was a delight to watch, sort of like a pleasant meditation. Thank you so much! I have subscribed to your channel and look forward to watching more and trying some of your techniques. Also, your enthusiasm is infectious!!!

nikolas theodosiadis says:

hey 😉

Davide Marras says:

oh my…
i need to make an absurdly bigger version of this!!!

Mila Mayer says:

Why did you use Behr white paint instead of ancrylic paint which can be bought at a craft store?

Anna likes mintykisses says:

Thats beautiful!!!

nora robinson says:

Can you do something like that on a pillowcase?

Pikaafan says:

May I ask why the dried version looked so different ? And how to avoid it changing so much

Stephanie Lover says:

When you first poured it reminded me of cotton candy popsicles.

Gwen van de Weijer says:

i like it very much!!

Kath Wilson says:

Wow. How beautiful

Karen M. Franks says:

Great video and a beautiful painting!

michèle Malfeyt says:

This is marvelous!!! Thanks for sharing!

Ana Torres says:

Great video. Thanks – you are a good teacher.

Dunzai says:

It was so pleasant to see the process and listen to you explaining everything! I found your video while I was looking for ideas for a painting I wanted to give to a friend for his birthday, and I think he will love to have something like this on his wall!

Helena Tomé says:

It’s very beauitiful, really beautiful.

skylar mcnamara says:

I absolutely love this!! Thank you for sharing!

Ali Mahdi says:

Very beautiful

BlitzCraig says:


Mireya Hernandez says:

Love it, love it…beautifull, I need to do it. Thank you.

Sunny Webb says:

You are the Bob Ross of fluid acrylic painting. Thank you so much.

Blima Spetner says:

wonderful! You have amazing clear, friendly instruction style. The way u play is inspiring. I love your message about just enjoying the process I hope I can internalize it.

Elizabeth Villarreal says:

I love it

Janet Mitchell says:

Thankyou, such an uplifting, positive, encouraging and informative video. I have watched many, many “pouring” videos and was left feeling a bit empty. Two videos from you and I now see the artistic potential for trying this method, minus the additives that can cause harm to either myself of the longevity of the art piece. Thankyou again. Such a relaxing morning.

Sylphlez says:

I’m a young artist and I’m not really sure about this right now, did you use a fabric canvas while making this? I have one but it’s very old, so I can’t tell if it’s a stretched canvas like you wrote in the description.

a annayez says:

looks awesome!!! how do you clean the pipettes though??

Matthew Glenn says:

love this

Renee Kennedy says:

Love this one

Laila Reynolds says:

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I’ve just gotten into paint but umm why do u need a medium like what’s it’s use to the paint ?

Ian Littell says:

“i aM huMaN , LoOK aT my aRT it ProVeS It. SuBsCriBe AnD cOMe bAcK i aM LoneLy”

Carol Centracchio says:

I’m loving your work. I did one like this and am going to do the lilac one. I just love your work, your voice is so soothing, you explain very well. I tried getting on your Facebook page and there asking me all these questions, what kind of medium do I use, I just started doing this and I just bought Medium Gloss. I don’t want to use silicone or a torch like you said. So I’ll try again.

Daniel Rich says:

Thank you so much! Beautiful and informative! Susy

bonnie king says:

love your voice, i wonder if you ever considered doing the voice behind animation movies. When mentioning shops and products, not all viewers live in America. Love the painting and appreciate being shown how to have some control when pouring. Thank you!

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