ROLLING WALLS FAST. How to paint a room in 1 hour. Fast painting hacks. DIY house painting.

How to paint walls fast with an 18″ paint roller. Tips to paint a room in 30 minutes. Yes painting can be fast. Learn how you can paint your house in 1 day with my fast painting hacks.

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The Hungry hunter says:

That freakin dinging bell sound for subscribing hurt my ear.

Unique Items says:

Thumbs up, learned awesome skills in few mins

Tyronerigg says:

Reloading way to often. If you used a better sleeve with better paint holding capacity it would be far quicker…..

All2skitzd says:

Watch the video at 1.5X speed and learn how to paint a wall in 30 minutes 33% faster

314Draven says:

i can run circles arond you

Kathi Welshans says:

Wait, you only cut in one Coat after the first coat? Ive always cut and rolled twice

Imehta7 says:

The paint dance

Kim Rood says:

OK. Way too much talking. Or do you do this to have time for YouTube to put ads in. Good vids and I️ tell all my new painters to watch your vids. But holy smoke, condense the amount of time you talk.

Clint Adams says:

Damn you are good

kevinboo2000 says:

so you don’t cut in prior to your 1st coat ?

treasure man says:

talks way to much what’s up with the bible scriptures

NikitaShakur 1 says:

Actually inspired me to stop procrastinating and get my room done! Be back when I’ve finished. We’ll see how long this takes me…..

Top Quality says:

I enjoyed the video. Thank you Raleigh NC

Anthony Treen says:

Impressed! Good video!

Janet Jackson says:

Great Job…good ideas about painting 2 coats…love it

Joshua Gillis says:

When I got my house painted they had a spray gun

paul mryglod says:

How to: use an 18″ roller to build massive deltoids!!!

Michael George says:

John 14:16-17 King James Version (KJV)
16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

Rebecca Lindsey says:

John Cena “Painters Edition”

Matthew DeMarco says:

Good stuff! Love the knowledge brotha…you’ve saved me a lot of time and $ on several projects so far…Keep it up!! Much appreciated. Merry Xmas!

Jeff Smith says:

This invention has been around for twenty years

Alan Wilson says:

Damn! That 18 is just blowin’ the paint onto the wall!! Moneymaker man!

Samuel Meservy says:

Great video example, of how to paint walls with the 18″ roller thank you for sharing this with us.


Looks like… JOHN CENA!!!

Jumi Ramirez says:

You’re so good! I can watch this forever…

Linda Thibodeau says:

Why are some of the electrical boxes empty and others have cut ins around them?linda

Huthaifah Awawdeh says:

I have a white room and im planning on painting it gray how many coats to you suggest i use?

wayne kavanagh says:

That’s not how you paint a wall. You should learn how to paint properly before you try and give painting advise to amateurs.

Richard Williams says:

Good video only thing why didn’t you show the people you start from a corner so you would have a big difference because of light and shade with a light color over a dark color , and again air dries paint so you don’t need heat just proper ventilation will do the trick
I use a air mover placed outside the front door with door open and screen shot fresh air 10 /15 mins fist coat is dry if it’s not oil based paint good video though

EL mundo de Diane says:

Bla, bla bla…

gary carter says:

I have been a painter since 1970 and when you roll down to start with ,, if you have to much on the roller , you run the risk of fallout from it  and don’t you have what we call picture framing happening with the way you laid it out

Rudy Rosales says:

Wasn’t very fast, just had big roller.

Joe Davila says:

I would have ran a quick coat of white primer first would have given you a better 1st coat.

2angies19 says:

Nice. I am no longer dreading painting my rental.

MySchizo Buddy says:

So you don’t do a crazy W pattern that some painters on youtube are recommending.

Steve B says:

Why start in the middle of the Wall? Why only cut the ceiling once ? I’m sure if you put a close up when Wall was dry u would see the cut bleed through a little

MrCharlieford says:

Major hat banding with this technique

Jerry Pollard says:

[M l

Romeo Noyola says:

Your such an inspiration. I keep getting stuck with these crews that don’t wanna do things right. Any advice?

Milagro Arce says:

Very professional i like what i see easy n quick i give you an a+ nice love your work thanks for not putting music on your video i can hear you clear when ou explian what you are doing peace n quite

James Russler says:

why. rushing. why so wide of cut in.?. Both directions not just up and down….you suck.

pianodan marks says:

You cant actually paint a room in an hour unless you are throwing it from the can onto the walls.It took me 3 hours to do 1 coat on the walls alone, let alone cieling and trims.There is about 50 metres of cutting in for a room.You would have to be jogging around the room whilst cutting to get it all done in an hour!

B McD says:

Sometimes the paint runs as it dries. How do you prevent that?

Mike Brennanborn there loved that place Brennan says:

Your Don’t. Know how to roll very good my friend

Ty Wagner says:

give a guy an eighteen and they call him Daubie,Load up!

William Johnson says:

Impressive truly you by far know what you are doing is their anyway I could help like on rating or anything. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

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