Painting the Interior of my G35 (DIY)

Hated the tan interior in my G35 so I decided to switch it up and paint my leather seats, and paint some of my interior pieces black which was SUPER easy to do and recommend trying it if you want to change your interior. Honestly loved how it came out and this is only Pt. 1 and I will be getting new racing seats to match the red.

New videos will be uploaded soon!

Products Used: Chemical Guys – Leather Cleaner and Leather Cleaner Hair Brush
Dupli-Color : Vinyl and Fabric Paint (Red)
Dupli-Color : Trim Spray (Black)


Avery Neumann says:


Joe Maldonado says:

Looking good bro! Looking to start some mods on my G. Do you know any good shops to work with?

michel joseph says:

Yo man that shit came out perrrrrfect

Seak305 says:

What about on a really hot day? Won’t that paint start melting?

Cody Pasbrig says:

Looks good, it reminds me of the G37 IPLs.

Savage says:

You should get some black fabric and glue it on your carpet too.

Marc Garcia says:

Finally !!

Duece_ A says:

Good job on the paint

Cipriano Kevin says:

Bro that’s super sick definitely doing this to my G thanks for the vid bro appreciate!

kinggrimlock35 says:

Damn bro, looking good!! Keep up the good work! Always G’s.. forever…

asap steve says:

yes i been wanting to do this for my g too but i didnt know how thx!!!!

TSL VQ says:

Super dope man! I’ve been wanting to paint my seats on my G red for a while now but I’m just scared that the paint will stick to my clothes while I’m driving lol. Have you had any problems like that?

Ed Ed says:

Hard out here with the weather in Cali

Gaby Garcia says:

Yess dude looks sick with the white wide body!!!! Nice job dude!

ItsSugar says:

This is cancer. Just buy black interior and Ipl seats.

JE11Y B3ANS says:

True one thing I hate is the tan interior in g35s but other than that it’s a beast

Jorge Ayala says:

I love the car bro but that it looks like you have a pointed dildo in the car

Bryant Jimenez says:

Wassup bro , looks dope af, I had a G with tan interior and painted it like you but one thing I’d suggest you to do is clear coat everything because you’ll notice soon that the paint scratches very easily , but dope work bro !

Jason Gibbs says:

You used your moms dildo as a shifter??

Markene Morris says:

that’s nice I painted mines black and gold

Nico Ludden says:

Braum red leather seats would look tight!!

Dynamic Tuning says:

Did this to my dash on my rsx like 8 months ago nd looks oem asf, dupli color is great itll hold up well

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