Painting my clothes + decorating them 🌹\\ Jim Reno

Thank you so much to Poshmark for partnering with me in this video! ^__^
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I hope you guys enjoy this video, I worked very hard in every piece and I would love for you guys to have them!!
Thank you sosos much for watching I love you very much!!



Mil gracias a mi amiga Leire por ayudarme tanto en el vídeo, estuvo conmigo en casi todos los procesos, es un ángel por dios se merece un templooooooo

‣I usually shoot with a Canon 80D or a 6D mark ii + 35 mm lens.
‣I edit with Adobe Premiere and sometimes Final Cut Pro.
‣I studied Fine Arts in Madrid, Spain.
‣I moved to Los Angeles, CA about 6 months ago.
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⇢Twitter: @jimereno
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‣About me\
Hi! My name is Jimena, I’m originally from Spain, but now I live in Los Angeles CA. I studied Fine Arts in Madrid, and I love love creating content for youtube/instagram. I love painting, especially with oils.
I love makeup, cosplaying, videogames, oil painting and movies. (and chocolate. maybe too much) ♡


Kylin Adap says:


Emily C says:

4:27 “but I think I turned out ok”
*paints a masterpiece*

Katrina Mcivan says:

absolutely love them all!!!

strawberry says:

11:54 your name is Jimena?! ME TOOOOOOOO

cerberus1337 says:

did you use textile medium with the paints or just the paints by themselves?

Sea of AG says:

WHERE DO YOU FIND SUCH GOOD JEANS?! All the ones I see have waists that are too big.

sheldyn chan says:


Where's Ellie says:

Her waist is no joke

Jay Mister J says:

awesome, but PLEASE stop gluing patches or sleeves on, just sew them on. thats wayyyy better

ahahaha no. says:

your are is so beautiful. you got a new subscriber!!!!

kim boih says:

Doesn’t it wash off?

안녕하세요! says:

But the hands are… pointing to…. and by…. oh no. Oh oh no.

Cameron Kantor says:

you look like vanessa hudgens!!!!!!! :O

Remus Lupin says:

You’re gonna blow up I swear

Ari Mundle says:

WOW.. YOU’RE AMAZINGGGG!! where are you frommmmm?

Bloominix says:

Okay this is rlly rlly cool but … Won’t it wash off???

Moon Light says:

u are so talented omg i love your drawings so much

Mia P says:

You are so beautiful <3

Potato Pancake says:

See, this is the kind of thing I would LOVE to do, but I have no talent.

RiP TiDe says:

whats going on with ur voice

milkway says:

favorite youtube channel <3

Hentai-ink says:

What paint did you use?

Peaceful Painting says:

Hands are touching her crotch

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