Painting Furniture, DIY Gallery Wall, New Skincare, Reality of Chronic Pain…VLOG

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Last Vlog!
New NBR Hair Extensions
Last Shadow & Schmooze

Gallery Wall Blog post! (linked where I got everything) ➜


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➜ Organizing my bathroom vlog
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Lexie lu says:

So much support goes out to you !! I can relate , I’m a mother with a neurological disease that makes me dizzy everyday and can pass out at any minute. Sometimes it just gets to you when all you want is to get up and do anything normal but your body holds you back. I feel your frustrations , keep positive with all you go through .

SimplyB says:

I’m so sorry things got worse after the Botox shots. I also have chronic pain and wanted to mention this for anyone else who deals with it. I recently found the app/program called Curable – a biopsychosocial approach to helping chronic pain (getting your brain out of the pain cycle). It has especially helped those with migraines. One woman used to get 18-20 migraines/month. Now she gets 1 or 2. It’s worth looking into. It has already been incredibly healing for me. Wishing all who deal with this better days ahead ❤️

Mackenzie Britton says:

I feel you so much. Mental health issues here. This week would have been my dad’s birthday and St Patrick’s day is the anniversary of his death. I had very high anxiety and depression all week, keeping me from living my life. It happens every year no matter how much I fight it off. I’m lucky that most of the time my mental health is in check but weeks like this make me feel just like you did, wishing I could work, cook, and laugh.

Hope things are better for you and thanks for sharing with us. You’re an inspiration!


We will be here! Take care of yourself.

Big wide world X says:

And now I’m crying… BTW, you are amazing. You still manage to do so much, even with your chronic pain. As far as work goes, you are in a position that if you need time, you can take it. So take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. And know we aren’t going anywhere. Sending positive, healing vibes your way. I do hope your neurologist can get you some relief.

Madi says:

I admire you so much for speaking so openly about your chronic pain, and you inspire me so much to make the most of my time and my experiences. I hope you find a solution that makes it better for you, because you deserve it.

Melissa Kayla says:

I feel for you… I’ve been going through a permanent migraine for the last 75 days straight now when I didn’t think was possible.The hospital doctors and neurologist have no answers at the moment and it’s so hard..some days the pain has me in a ball in tears and I can’t even speak, I didn’t know this was possible. The worst migraine I had before this, and I’d get them pretty often, was bad, but only lasted maybe an hour at a time, not 2 and a half months…but the weirdest part is NO pain relievers work, at all. Not the hospitals migraine protocol, not the last chance final “strong” medicine to “finally break” the cycle, not the pills from the neurologist, nothing…wtf. I’ve chosen not to tell anyone in my family via social media and just post as usual…only my husband and a couple close friends I’ve seen in person know about all my hospital visits for this, so I get what you were saying about that, no one can tell any of this about me, not even my relatives, from my online posts, looks like business as usual.
I really hope you have many more good days in the near future, it’s such a horrible constant pain to suffer through… 🙁

meghan parris says:

Whats the saying- ‘Real life happens behind the post.’ So true!

Jen Scanio says:

So I fell off a cliff when i was 19 so it’s been about 27 years now and get terrible migraines so I know how that feels and so far nothing much has worked and I have tatts everywhere so i can handle pain! I know how u feel and it sucks. Just recently married so I know how it is to be alone with pain for more than twenty years… and husband is awesome about it now and I realized with someone who understands it just makes me feel better. I’ve been basically told to “suck it up” my entire life and honestly I want to punch them so just know I’ve been there.. just wanted to say I hope something works for u and I feel ya! Hope this sort of helps

Gingalita says:

To help my friends understand chronic pain I gave them a copy of The Spoons theory. It really helped them understand I wasn’t blowing them off but literally didn’t have the energy to do things.

Joredan V. says:

I watch all your videos but don’t normally comment, this one hit home because we tend to put everything before ourselves. I thought having a “traditional” job was tough because you always feel obligated to not miss days, because you don’t want to upset your boss or feel like you’re putting your duties onto ur co-workers. I hate the feeling of feeling like you HAVE to do something and wish that we could all realize how important our health is and “employers” or your “viewers” could understand too and you wouldn’t feel that you have to fight through your tough times to please us.

Katie Grose says:

Girl I feel your pain so much that u had me crying like a baby toward the end of your video. People with good health don’t know how blessed they are to be able to make plans for tomorrow (I used to be one of them that took my health for granted) but now like you I don’t know how i will wake up the next day. I suffer from severe cyclic vomiting syndrome and sometimes go months without having a good day being in pain and not being able to eat, so I spend a lot of time in the hospital. But I can also go weeks without having a bad day. I know first hand it can be very frustrating seeing everyone around you living a normal life, but girl please remember your not alone. I have a bracelet I wear everyday that says “things could always be worse” and that helps remind me when I get frustrated with my sickness that yes it could be worse and I’m still so very blessed to live the life I am.

Emily R says:

I feel ya girl. Not so much the pain but I’ve had non stop dizziness/rocking motion sensation since last April. Been to an ENT, Neurologist, had MRI’s of my brain/neck to check for tumors, blood work, EKG’s, you name it. No answers. Some days it’s debilitating and some days I feel semi-normal. You’re not alone! ❤️

gothicbubbles says:

So sorry you go through so much daily pain. I get migraines, too. They’re terrible. *hugs*

Elizameth McCrackhead says:

Omfg Taylor don’t cry you had me all emotional. I wanted to hug you so much

Gina Fleischmann says:

Im so sorry sweetie. Isaiah 33:24… perry soon “No resident will say I am sick”

Lory Lopez36 says:

Babes you can only do what your chronic condition allows to do. I also suffer from chronic pains and I live my life around mines because I have no choice. I’ll also post pics of me in pain and laying down just to let everyone know nobody is perfect. Goodluck babes. I’ll pray for you. I haven’t gotten a migraine n days. Which I will not talk about because wen I do talk about it I always get a couple. But my dizziness and neck pain is there’s always and my neurologist says the neck pain and dizziness is a migraine without the head pain. Oh blurr vision too. To also have a partner who understands and is patient with you is love. Keep your head up! Praying your neurologist finds something to help ease your migraines. Stay strong love

Francisca Góngora says:

I ended up crying with u at the end, been suffering from horrible anxiety and sadness for the past 5 months and the physical tiredness is real, dizziness and pain that people usually don’t understand, they say I need to eat or that I’m just in a bad mood, or that I’m rude… if only I had a platform like you so I could explain what you just explained. Luckily you have a boyfriend who understands you, I hope he stays forever, I know you can do it alone cuz I’m pretty sure u are the strongest, but god knows is nice to have someone 🙂 I wish u the best of the best always!

michelle bf says:

I love what you said in the end about how what you see for the couple hours of day that you feel good is not how the whole day goes. I have been having more migraines lately and trying to tell someone you have a migraine every week for a few days is frustrating. They always try to tell you things to try. It’s nice of them but still frustrating! I hope you have got things figured out, or getting close! So glad you have someone to be there for you!

Sult Family says:

Steve sult Has amazing artwork that’s very greatly priced and omg I loved all of my artwork

Giana Perez says:

Typically, I dont get super emotional through youtube videos but right now I’m balling in my bed. Just watching you try to tough it out resonates deep with me and I would trade my little headaches for your optimism and positivity in a second. You deserve so much more freedom but still you are able to pull off incredible feats. Your determination is astounding, and I’m so glad I have been watching for about 2 years now. Thank you

Chardel F says:

I completely understand chronic pain. Fibromyalgia has been my life for almost 27 years. Back, spine, neck issues since childhood, migraines.. And now, with age, arthritis.. I swear if i woke up tomorrow with no pain i would believe i was dead! I also understand the want to just “be normal”..

kp1officer says:

Take your time and get to feeling better Love, we can wait if you are unwell, we are more concerned with your well-being than having videos on time. Do what you need to to take care of you. We are here for you.

Justina Gangwer says:

Truly broke my heart. I am so sorry. I understand all too well what you’re going thru. I suffer with chronic pain but in different ways. I have chronic stomach pain stemming from about 3 different diagnos. As well as chronic problems with my ovaries as well as my ears. Ive have about 20 surgeries in my life. Its so frusterating cause I don’t think anyone understands and looks at us like we are hypocondriats. Well at least for me. Ive had a few migraines in my whole life. About 3 or 4. And i couldn’t imagine what you’re going thru. I was hospitalized everytime. I love you so much and feel such a connection to you. You are so relatable and just humble and amazing. I am praying for you. Love you.

Seffica says:

You’re really a strong person. Thank you for this moment sharing with us. Not sure if you would be okay with answering this, but do you have migraines related to hormonal migraine? Or just no clear cause?

Stephanie Chulik says:

I understand your pain. I have migraines and chronic pain too. Recently had the flu and my healing process is longer. You inspire me to keep going and not give up. ❤❤ I hope you find something that works. Nothing more frustrating than have days where you can’t do anything. You are AMAZING and so strong!

inkstainedgirl says:

Give seche vita top coat a try, its really good.

JeanWritesMusic says:

I’m sorry you’re suffering. I’m chronically ill and have chronic pain too and I can barely function many days. It’s tough. Hang in there. You are loved

Justina Gangwer says:

My cousin suffers from severe migraines. They have left her in hospital for 2 weeks before. I know you have tried everything. So has my cousin. Shes 44 now so shes definitely tried everything. They finally unfortunately had to put her on narcotic pain meds as well as other things. I know you’ve stated you don’t wanna be on those kind of pain meds and j understand why 100%. They are addicting. But according to my cousin they are providing her the relief she needs to live and function.

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