Making of Easy Abstract Painting just using Palette knife / Acrylics / Project 365 days / Day #087

Making of easy abstract painting in acrylics just using palette knife project 365 days / day #087

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Анна Васюкова says:


Cristea Mihaela says:

I like how the palette knife just resembles the knife people will usually use to scoop out cake.

Also, this painting looks the way a Celtic lullabie sounds.

erik cyree says:

beats the hell out of learning how to paint thats for sure!

I_love_pjo_and_hp :D says:

All these people who think this is garbage need to fuck off. It’s way harder than it looks and it IS abstract art. Not that throwing paint onto a canvas and selling it for £2mil but a nice to look at and decipher piece. I love this painting.

Melody Waggoner says:

I love watching your videos! Their so relaxing! But there’s this obnoxious beeping under the music? Does anyone else hear it?

oddlittleangel says:

Haters in the comments, feel free to click away. Or better yet, try making one on your own. Let’s see where that gets you.

TheAZElele says:

If you don’t like it or you don’t think it’s art, that’s fine. Watch something else and don’t be such a jerk in the comments. God it’s like no one knows how to have an opinion without being an ass anymore.

The Wild WarCry says:

People Youtube
Bob Ross ok
Makes this painters paintinfs look dull lmao bon cherry derka derka.

Agnes Parker says:

It gives me the chillbumps…

ᆞ ᆞ says:

Looks like tadpools in waterfall

Sandy g. says:

He never knows when to say when; always ultimately f*cks up the painting by adding something extra. In this case it was adding the splatter at the end, now the shit looks amateur and ugly.

Manav Garg says:

What do you do with your paintings?! Do you sell them??

peaceminus one says:

so relaxing

Jessika Bulloch says:

Hunny no

The Wild WarCry says:

Oh look another youtuber wasting paint.
Sorry it looks like a 2nd grader did this lol

WapajeaWalksOnWater says:

Beautiful, I love your style, and your palette. Thanks for sharing

Da Mobb says:

let’s press a bunch of piano keys in a random fashion and call it “abstract” concierto piece played by an “abstract” pianist. let’s throw a bunch of random ingredients into a bowl and mix it up and call it an “abstract” dish made by an “abstract chef. this “abstract” word is a euphemism for laziness to practice and learn

Taylor H says:

Abstract is not art lol

nathan elharrar says:

Very cool! I thank you for that.
Could you please recommend me a beginner tool kit I should get.

Old Nick says:

what a mess. Pollak sucked too. zero talent. participation trophy anyone?

Mario Peña says:


iiPanda Playsxox says:

I like art but I hate the commentary of it.

Argj .Hfmk says:

That brown looks like a dog with diarrhea wiped his butt on the canvas.

Achmad Iqbal says:

Y when we watched is so Damm easy, but when we make it, so fvcking hard do the same way…

Andy millán says:

I see a tree on it, it’s so relaxing to watch

Eileen Jake says:

I always love your choice of colors! Thank you, again!


I say if this what u call art then I’m fucking talented artist here.. but still at 3:25 something cool.. how all those colours were perfectly combined.
Not the best but it’s good.
If u didn’t put all those different colours at the end it would have been better and simple.

oddlittleangel says:

Love the color palette and overall feel. Could have done with less of the dark at the end, but very nice composition overall

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