{Kids} DIY Kids Paint + Fun Canvas Idea!

Also try my DIY PUFFY PAINT – http://youtu.be/40TFBg8NuyI

Make your own DIY KIDS PAINT with 3 simple pantry ingredients! The perfect rainy day or school holiday activity. (Essentially, it’s a watered down playdoh mixture!)
For a printable copy of these instructions, visit: http://tinyurl.com/nd65rfb

Thumbs up this video! It makes me want to make more x

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Sophieee says:

I’m making it now!

_alysugh says:

can this be removed by water or is it acrylic?

sky montey says:

can i add a little pepper? lol

Lana Slimey says:

Can you use cornstarch? Instead of flour

Divya Kd says:

new subbie

takiya blount says:


Key foam : says:

That looked like a lot of food coloring but great video

Beautyalexis101 says:

When u paint it on will it mold if it does, does it will
It cause a smell or change colors

rara Humaira says:

what type of flour?

its hyerin life says:

I watched this for paint for my slime

Galaxy Emoji's says:

Can you use Cornstarch instead of Flour or Cornstarch is Flour

Vida Loubser says:

I hate this

Paris Moonlight says:

Yes u saved


Liz Farmer says:

can I do Epsom salt?

Tyler Waterworth says:

Does it not rot

Jimin's Left Thigh says:

Can u paint squishes aka sponges with it?

This is Cutie Ringo Joy says:

I gald that as a kid i always make sure i have a thick paint

Angel Hamilton says:

my kid likes to paint on the wall, is this washable if she does decide to paint on my wall?

Purplelovergirl100 MSP says:

new subscriber xx

You better Overdose on ibuprofen says:

That was a funny painting

Cerina Bobina says:

won’t this mold

Sage Jc says:

Is there anything you can do to change the sandy texture?

Ananda Riri says:


Trisha Osburn says:

That art was uglyyyyyyyyy

KidsPlanet says:

Have a nice day!

Mayashaaban says:

I haven’t got food coloring. what can I use instead of it

Sarah W says:

can u put it on pots? so it wont fall off???

Audrey Adams says:

@style novice
are you from Auckland?

Edith Colon says:

could you mix 2 paint colors to make one color

RandomTalya123 xo says:

Will this attract ants

jvckie moreno says:

What u dont add salt

Anushka Nagwanshi says:

wats tht liquid thing ..?

Gabrielle Ann says:

i don’t have flour is there any other way?

ummi kholsum says:

How long expired this paint?

LaToya Smith says:

Nice but do you have any diy paint recipes that don’t peel|flake??

Xxlindy cornxX says:

This is exactly how u make puffy paint lol

Teito Klein says:

does the paint work on plastic??

Tanisha Dorbeck says:

does ot dry like real paint

Melody Midnight says:

Can we use Powder sugar instead of flour

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