todays video is a diy of me painting my scooter deck! this crazy idea i just kinda came up with. i thought it would be cool to have a scooter deck that after the lights go off the pro scooter tricks dont have to stop cause you have a glow in the dark scooter deck! this diy glow in the dark scooter deck paint can be found at any hardware store. the glowing paint and the hydro dip really make this custom scooter pop out!

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Stephen Garlatta –

Make sure to shop at Scooter zone they are the best scooter shop to buy all your pro scooter parts from


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I turned on post notifications wayyyy long ago but I love you videos you are so hilarious and lighten up my day every time❤️

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When you need a 10 min video because youtubes stupid u leave 3 minutes of spraying glow in the dark lol

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I subbed love these video

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Love your content your awesome give me a shoutout subscribed and turned post notifications on!!

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Keep making some of the best content

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Ride the quad rum

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Keep up the good work your channel is amazing

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On ig

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