Soooo today I didn’t feel like making anything BUT, i did feel like spray painting squishies so thats exactly what I did!!

Now… this turned out to be a DISASTER.. pretty cool looking at first but, what i would refer to as a SQUISHY FAIL!!!

HOPEFULLY I CAN SAVE YA’LL RUINING YOUR SQUISHIES IF YOU WAS ALSO WONDERING WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU SPRAY PAINTED YOUR SQUISHY! (but, tbh you’re probably not as weird as i am in wanting to do it in the first place hahah)





Vanessa Hylton says:

I have a squishy dare, soak a squishy in water, freeze it and then run it over with a car.

Lucy_ Fill says:

U should use another squishy maybe this squishy was like different from other squishes

ThePocketSasha says:

Giiirrrll, you are killing it!

kira reeve says:

U did Let it set so it u fult

Hailey White says:

Don’t show the squishy before u do it what’s the point of the video

Kawaii Sisters says:

I love you so much!!!!!!!!

Jayla Guzman says:


Alex CAT says:

96,000 lol

Chelsey DIY says:

I THINK IT’S TIME FOR MORE SQUISHY DARES DONT U?!?! Comment down below with your dare, and if i pick yours i will give you a shoutout in my video xx

Rose DIY says:

Omg Almost to 100k YAY GO CHELSEY

Rainbow Factory says:

I am here and I love ur videos

Kyuri (Sophia) Byun says:

u kind of sound like ldshadowlady

Soph’s Channel says:

That is really good

Kawaii Panda says:

1, freeze a squishy in side a Lunch box with water 2. Modge podge a squishy 3. Paint a cheap squishy to an ibloom or expensive squishy 4. Cut the squishy and put it in slime 5. Make a hole in a big squishy and make slime inside the whole 6. Cook a squishy 7. Microwave a squishy 8. Glue 2 squishy together and paint them 9. Draw something on a squishy and try to fix it 10. Dump a squishy in the toilet

Phizy Tube says:

You should soak a squishy in Coca Cola

KitKatk Katrinas world says:

firstly can I please get the giveaway and secondly for one of your squishy dares put a squishy in the freezer paint it with puffy paint and then squish it and see how it’s Chris’s anyway I hope you do this there and I hope I win the giveaway by Chelsea DIY I’m a big fan of you you’re amazing and it will also be quite pleasant to give me the give away because I’m also living in the United Kingdom anyway bye

Sophie Penn says:


Larissa Ampofo says:

You should paint your squishys with fabric

Haley Henderson says:

Cut up a whole squishy

fishy missy says:

I gust subscribed

Kristine Dos Santos says:

1st squishy date put a squishy in a bag with slime and put it in the freezer
2cd squishy dare cut up a squishy the try to glue it back together
3rd squishy dare use air dry clay to cover a squishy then carefully try to take it off so you have a shell
I love you but it is ok if you don’t pick me though

ItzBlue Cherry says:

You should’ve put on a top thing so that wouldn’t happen

Skylah Hagarty says:

Squishy dare : put your squishy in the toilet or put your squishy in the washing machine

Rainbow EUMIcorn says:

Put a squishy in dried ice for 1 hour and put on gloves and squish it

Kaelyn Korb says:


Jayla Guzman says:

Put a creepy face on your squishy and sleep /film with it every vid

Hi I aM aN ArMy says:

Squishy dare : 1.I dare you too put slime in your squishy (squished it) and put it on dirt and roll it 2.i dare you too throw your squishy out of your window 3.i dare you to paint your squishy but it will become a (ugly painted) squishy 4. I dare you to sit on the squishy for 5 seconds 4. I dare you to give your friend a free squishy (lol?) 5.i dare you to hang your squishy anywhere (except in your home) and just abandoned it and wait for the next day and see if the squishy still there

Sophia Glanville says:

Take a squishy and then put it a basket and carry it with you for a whole day saying it’s your child

Jewels J says:

maybe if you sealed the spray paint it would’ve worked im not sure with what you’d seal it with, maybe fabric Mod Podge or something 😀

Kawaii Peach says:

Dare: create a squishy from another squishy by cutting out a shape from a squishy and repainting it

Jayla Guzman says:

Blend squishy and put it in your toilet

Chocolate Doughnut 11 says:

Dares: 1,Put a squishy in water for 3 hours 2,Post a squishy to your BFF

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