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Do-It-Yourself wheel painting. Showing you guys a way anyone can paint wheels! I spent a total of $58 including the optional compounding.
2 Cans of Base+Primer = $16
2 Cans of Clear Coat = $16
Sandpaper = $4
Tape and Drape = $8
Microfiber pads + towels = $6
Paint Thinner = $8


Jasont0625 says:

Trying it this weekend….nervous but excited to get it done!

joel haskell says:

you want to clear coat within 30 minutes of your base coat……otherwise good video.

J.R. W says:

New to the channel did you paint your car ??? Looks nice man and the wheels came out nice

89Mirageman says:

Very nice!

Adrian Witherspoon says:

great job

Luke Johns says:

Hi how long does it take roughly per wheel? I’m going to give it ago for the first time but is getting everything done over a weekend asking to much?

Mike Walker says:

Looks sick! Well done

chhoeuth Siv says:

Where do you buy the compound?

TTBT says:

Perfect tutorial! Thanks for the upload!

XxPROSK3YxX says:

Boutta do my wheels now great video and simple.


How long does it last?

Steven Woodworth says:

After using compound you really should use a wax as well but looks great.

Kim Bates says:

what is the tape called??

Londell Houston says:

Did you use one paint cans per rim

Adam E Gill says:

Hey man great video. How many cans of that clear coat did you use for all four?

Mally and B says:

Super impressed with the outcome!

Peter Hickman says:

It’s just primar

Deni Andreopoulos says:

no Paint primer???

StanceTV says:

How did you do the center caps without doing the emblems?

themike e7 says:

thanks man

justin evans says:

Looks great, I’m impressed! Could you PLEASE take a quick vid of the wheel(s) now? Im sure more than myself would love to see how they look after a year. A lot of ppl bash these afordable paints and that makes us afraid to use them. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Peter Hickman says:

With clear coat

Bi Vu says:

How long did it take you to do all 4 wheels? Do you have to wait to dry overnight before putting on clear coat or can I just wait a few hours and apply?

Daeton Pritchett says:

So if I wanted matte black would I just not apply clearcoat?

Νικος Σταυριδης says:

that’s awesome but what about the inside of the rim?you paint it too?

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