How to Paint Brake Calipers Any Color Easy!! DIY


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Jordz says:

Quality video

Darren Chirino says:

If you take off the 4 torx bolts on the back of the front calipers off, it makes it a whole lot easier to clean & paint

victor migri says:

how many cans should i use to paint all 4 calipers?

Abdo Zahi says:

Good Video Cameron , Following you from Morocco !

Nperez1986 says:

I have to say…your video title states ANY color…yet That brand of caliper paint only has a few colors.

Cloud Striker says:

Why do a black base coat?

Antonio Campagna says:

I’ve been having trouble watching your videos specifically for some reason. not sure why 🙁

George Alvarez says:

The title says ANY color… it should say ONLY COLORS found in a can of caliper paint.

lxl THUMPER lxl says:

Nice work man! This is 2013_MS3_THUMP3R on Instagram!

Graham Standreang says:

you should always use a mask

Eagle One says:

Too much it’s a caliper plus they have caliper spray with clear coat mixed in. It’s a caliper you only see 50% of it lol

If I’m really doing this I’m using OEM caliper covers

ItsFinnn says:

I love your videos, quick and to the point and explains it perfectly! Keep uploading!

Lazy Rocco says:

Hey cam, how has the paint holding up so far on the rear variance

Saabrito says:

This guy looks familiar like he’s a cameraman for some other YouTube channel

Shananigans89 says:

Cameron, dude, I love your videos, but, sometimes they hurt my heart. You should invest in a breaker bar, and a torque wrench, then do a little bit of research and torque your wheel lugs properly LoL. Trust me, I’m a helicopter mechanic. Just do a little digging and torque your bolts and nuts.

besides that, excellent vids! i will def be using this when i do my calipers. Keep ’em coming man!

Brad Michaud says:

I dont follow anyone with a manbun. Sorry bro

Ara Arutyan says:

This video is how NOT to paint your cast calipers! This is why cast calipers come out looking like shit. Noob mistakes. You need to sand it down first with a dremel until it’s polished and smooth like a mirror and only then start painting. Final result will be like a factory brembo calipers (aluminum, not cast). Otherwise this mistake is done by 99% of noobs who think painting a cast caliper requires only to wash it down with brake fluid and clean with a brush. No! You need to remove all cast flash (that orange peel texture) before beginning to paint – that is key step in prep!! Also, you don’t paint clips and pads – for a clean look, otherwise you’ll get a blob mess looking mass

Patrick Larkin says:

dude the purple would look so sick! you should do it and make a video about them! good vid cam keep the car vids up. mazda gang

HWK says:

I feel productive just watching these even though I didn’t do anything. Nice tutorial. Love the background music

Xavier Lemos says:

Good video and good technique, thanks for posting!

George Najera says:

Would you ever consider getting a head unit replacement for the interior of your car? Possibly a Eonon GA8163 or something?

Doctor Marciano says:

I turn my wheels outward, use a long bar 1/2 drive to remove my caliper and bracket for complete coverage

George Daws says:

Should have cleaned the hub of the rotor and then put paint on it also.

Bassam Nawaz says:

I’m scared to do that.

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