How to Paint a Room – Basic Painting Tips

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Jeanne Frizzell says:

I saw the lady on the thumbnail rolling paint with the masking tape still on and laughed so hard. Been painting as a professional for a while now and this video is so backwards

Maria Quintero says:

I’m a painter and this made me laugh

Eric Faist says:

My dad was a professional painter for 25 years and we never put the paint in the fridge next to the food.

wang mark says:

Just wanna say that the girl is pretty lol

Hutch House says:

Beautiful video and beautiful family.

4merCIA says:

I’m sure that every experience painter in America is laughing their ass off watching this stupid video

xrcrx ftfghjg says:

tape lol

Susan Popa says:


Greg Gasiorowski says:

Ugh, makes me want to hire a painter, especially since a bunch of the painters here say the method is factually incorrect, I’d rather be outside doing yard work not huffing paint fumes.

Panchali Punamalai says:

Painting Tamil

Gravity says:


DPH1301 says:

Note that this room has crown molding tho

gyver471 says:

I hope people don’t really follow this video there are so many things wrong with it a new painter will be in a hell of trouble.

swiftyswifster2 says:

As a professional painter I find this video to be quite hilarious and embarrassing. You paint ceilings, then TRIM, then walls last. And you definitely don’t tape an entire line across your ceiling for cut lines. that’s ridiculous. You get a nice brush and do a clean cut line by hand.

OMG edit… it just gets more ridiculous as it goes on. im laughing now HAHAHAHA ooooooh my god so bad

Chris Vargas says:

Thank you!

III says:

..previous painter didnt prep so..if you have a steady artists’ hand..go for it quick, then go out for the nite, let it dry. repeat sunday, whole unit done in one weeknd. tight.

Tim Lisle says:

Literally the best painting video on youtube. Thanks fam.

K S says:

Pro tip , look for a real painters advice . Lowe’s are not pro painters .

geometry dash dpoopoop says:

Flick the paint on the wall

Mesk Salem says:
amazing idea to be famus painter and rich ..add your number manually

alia Hameed says:

Good job

Queonda cabron says:

This video is a joke

brightness 2000 says:

O.k so I never painted a room yet I came to YouTube becouse I have a line up of painting jobs coming up upload a painting tutorial please

manofweed1 says:

When decorating, 75% of the job is moving/tripping over the furniture.

joey gamer says:

You can Scrape it does not matter

Perry Blake says:

More then 1 million views. wow, wonder how many watched the video without laughing. Learn how to use a paint brush and handle a roller before you make people fall for this crap. The only thing this technique will create is a blotched job with crappy finish lines.

wolf360090 says:

do the ceiling, trim then walls, and do not waist time using tape on the ceiling or trim..they have no idea on how to paint,and you can tell buy how she is rolling the wall, cutting in, it was not a painter who did this video or had any knowledge of painting

Ford ST says:

You don’t need to wear gloves and safety goggles it’s paint.

ervick fernandez says:

If you put the roller in frige is it fine will it smell?

fr0d says:

i love how americans use gloves for every job

Savage 1228 says:

My family is buying a for bedroom house from my aunt for a few hundred dollars and its in shabby condition so we are going to fix everything and repaint and just give the house a make over

Michael Wayne says:

Clearly no professional painters were consulted for this video. People should look elsewhere.

Jenny Dominic says:

Thanks for the wonderful tips, I would suggest this guy –> they helped me a lot during my house painting process. 🙂

Daniel Dazzling says:

Do I need to mix gasoline with paint to use it?

Athina Pana says:

perfect….thank you for your useful tips

Evans Thiongo says:

You don’t need to use tape.Use a small brush e.g. 1 inch brush to cut in.

sqee tawwy says:

Thank you

stargateproductions says:

Pro tip, do the ceiling first, then trim and baseboards, then colour last. Saves time!

Danny Aranda says:

I love the smell of math in the morning.

Claire Beckner says:


Beck Kolen says:

you don’t put a paint roller or brush in the fridge…NEVER

LyvanUp says:

Paint mah room, how bow dah!?

65MMREHP says:

Pros don’t tape 😉 they cut using high quality brushes. I’m pretty good at it now and it saves me so much time. I can paint a 12×12 room in 50-60 mins.

Kaidence Michelle says:

Um idk why I’m watching this because 1 I’m not painting my room my dad is and 2 my dad is almost a professional painter sooo idk why I watching this ok byeeeeee

sandrodaniel says:

Save your self the embarrassment and hire a professional painter. This video is a joke.

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