How To Do Chippy and Bohemian Paint Techniques With DIY Paint

I use DIY paint to get two completely different paint techniques.


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Teri Muncy says:

Super job Jami!  Love the boho look you’re incorporating now.  xoxo

Brandy H.2426 says:

Ah I need to go paint something with the boho technique now!

lisa gordon says:

ooooh so yummy.
thanks jami, jack & zev x

Marimar Robertson says:

I love this technique! So beautiful.

Nathan Reed says:

How high did you get using that plastic wood? That stuff is potent on a whole other level.

Jennie285 says:

Did you use a crackle medium to get the paint to crack like that ?

Synolve says:

Love the finished look! Jack is a great tester!!! #Stability

Julie Powell says:

I have to say again at the beginning I was like nooooooo do your regular stuff I love sooooo much but you surprised me again Jami. It is gorgeous!!!!

Terri Juanette says:

Well, I’ll be…I thought I was the only one out there that paints in the living room. I too put down a tarp and paint. (Don’t know why I like it there but I do.) Woohoo! I’m not alone! 🙂

melissa jacobson says:

Love it!! It’s the dynamic duo! So proud that I know both of you, congrats.

Shannon Laux says:

Love them both! What would you use for painting cabinets, and no distressing because the cabinets already have a planked look to them? I’m looking at either a creamy white or taupe, or greige color.i want something that will really hold up.

Debby says:

absolutely lovely!

Vickie Sizemore says:

how do you get the crackle look , love both and the colors, thank so much for sharing, bless you

maria concilio says:

your son is adorable! enjoy him they grow up and don’t want to spend time with you anymore! great video!

Shaylynn Mullins says:

Soooo beautiful! I wish I had the blue one!

Jayne Belk says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing your style and techniques. I love them both!

Gloria Fields says:

Where did you get the pulls? Love them

Jennifer Jennifer says:

I LOVE how freestyle your technique is. Feels like permission to be wild and I like it! Looks great.

gloriwest says:

Do you always leave the drawers in when you paint, or are there times you take them out and paint them separately from the piece?

Candy Marie says:

What did you say you finish with? These look beautiful.

Susan Backes says:

How would I get the blended colors of the boho look without the drips?

The melting pot Tucker says:

Blend of colors are amazing!

Buttercup says:

Looks horrible

Beaker M says:

Thanks, this is one of my favorites that you have done, I have been wanting to try Debi’s paint for some time now. I can’t wait to try this, thanks for the steps and the inspiration! Oh and I could drown in your “helper”‘s big brown eyes, lol!

Ori Always says:

As always the pieces are lovely . How did you get the piece done in solid mint chip to do the crackle ?

Divya DJ says:

Hi thanks for video. Which spray did u used. It is water?!

Teri Muncy says:

Aweeee…there’s Jackmeister!

Jordan Haynes says:

What brand of sealer do you use?

Julie Keenum says:

I always think I won’t like it but I end up loving it. Great job!!

BEE REAL says:

Why didn’t you just give the little fella a brush and let him paint I’d love to see what he could create with a few brushes and color while you spray it with water children are more likely to make one if a kind art pieces that can’t be recreated by adults cause we don’t know when to stop and I love that children just don’t have time to fuss they just do it and a masterpiece no matter what! Love that about children there just amazing! I’m fifty and have art my son made in kindergarten it’s just so Piccaso to me, it’s priceless. I wish I would have given him a piece of furniture to paint. It would have been so special to have but I’d never get him to do it now! He’d refuse it’s to childish there isn’t time, he’d question me and think why mom! I’m having chest pains just thinking about how he would laugh at me and say Mom your just soooooo sentimental! lol They have no clue how moms think.

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