DIY ROOM MAKEOVER – Mint Green Chevron Ombre Wall Painting | Joseph Germani

What do you think of my new vlogging wall? Lemme know in the comment section below! 🙂 If you have any questions on how we did it, what we used, etc etc, Lemme know too. I’ll try to answer 🙂

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Tekgila says:

Love your DIY project!

Hype Beast says:

Good job bro!

Azfar says:

Your wall is so pretty. Nice!

Ray Mak says:

So pretty

Dowoo Lee says:

fu off white

Esaline Marie Spykerman says:

so beautiful!

MIKU X2 says:

i am very impress at you Joseph keep it’s ok bro ><

Shannon Gomez says:


Muqri Yahya says:

tenang ja warna bilik cantik pulak to

jia xing says:

Smart joseph ? go to wallpaper shop and stick it. more smart

Irean Kong says:

Perfection! So pretty

Ray Mak says:

Got paint smell?

PaulineWong says:

Loving it ! Hard work paid off 🙂

xerophyll says:

nicely done Joseph! although the background kinda reminds me of FBE’s Teens React so i thought u drew yr inspiration from them..haha. how much is the total cost in the end? oh and links to to videos/resources u looked up to learn about painting please. thanks! 🙂

Reborn Yap says:

Where u got ur chair

Kenneth Khor says:

Can recommend me any nice colour for my wall inside my room?

Eng Keat Tai says:

love it bro, good job!

RealCDH says:

It looks so satisfying!!!

Ng Xinen says:


David Lau says:

Joseph your wallpaint video is lit esspecially when you are painting it with Alica and the song in me feel so relaxing ❤️ may i get the song name of this music ?

Harith Rosmadi says:

Very beautiful

Ayala Yankee says:

what tge name of colour that you used??

samuel lim says:

awesome vid man! the music suits the vid too!

Ivan Lim says:

Will planning to do similar thing for my new room <3

LLewisLewis says:

Wow that was amazing ! a flying like from the top of the world !! Guess where i am from ?

The Art Koon says:

Relationship goals. Joseph painting while Alicia busy taking insta story! LOL

Liam Arndt says:

Hey guys!
Actually the texture and work was nice but since it was a small area the choice wasn’t perfect.
You had to go for one single light color since dark colors make the space look more smaller and you can notice the difference.

Shawn Lee says:

Relationship goals. Paint life!

Willson Creative Studio says:

amazing..good hard work guys

Izabella Dinnell says:

it is lol not lul

Ray Mak says:

Too beautiful

Danial Pl says:

I think the capers is gonna appreciate it

Ray Mak says:

See your face also haven’t get cable yet de

Chin lai says:

I measure 25 cm each edges and i plan to start painting it on wednesday and thanks for this video its really help me alot!!

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