DIY Pouring Medium Lots of Cells! Cheap Paint, Flip Cup. Look in the description.

How to make your own Pouring Medium for dirty pours How to make lots of cells with cheap paint, my pouring medium and Silicone. For donations use
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You don’t need a PayPal account just use their site. Thanks!
To make my pouring medium use 3 parts Elmer’s Glue All to 1 part water.
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You don’t need a PayPal account just use their site. Thanks!

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Artist local to the Wilmington NC.


Stephanie Bargelski says:

Had to come and watch again!! LOVE how the colors are so bright!!

Sabrina Jane says:

this is absolutely beautiful!!! Such great info so I can begin getting into this amazing style of crafting! thank you so much 🙂

jconabike says:

what is Modge Podge [ glue and water ? ]

Amber Canary says:

Just tried this and it was a disaster. Lol. I did a second one and it looks alright. I wanted vibrent colors but the first one I had way to much green and it over took everything and the second my colors kind of meddled together.

Joss Motha says:

Lily exactly what kind of silicone do you add to your paints? Where can I get the silicone you use? At the hardware store? Not interested in brand (unless it makes a difference to the medium) just the type of silicone. Is it a spray silicone? Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and techniques. Your generosity is appreciated.



rebekah Maccow says:

What exact mediums were used to create this effect?

chiron591 says:

It’s been my experience that mod podgy is a terrible pouring medium it’s costly too. It makes bubbles and pits same as the pva glue. Like to see the painting when it’s dry just to see how well it turned out?

oldasa says:

The only gripe I have against cheap paint is the color fastness. In other words the cheaper colors fade over time. A work around might be to stay cheap on the darker colors but on the brighter ones I’m in favor of Golden liquids .

ozshell72 {Miss.Chelle.Aus} says:

Where do I get silicone?

pauline gee says:

I love this one.

SunGazer osan says:

What kind of silicone should i buy for this?

Michou Pascale Anderson says:

This is beautiful ♥♥♥ I would like to try this on fabrics did you ever try to do that on fabrics?

Weditt's Playthings says:

Gorgeous pour and love those colors!

Brooke Bradshaw says:

What camera do you use and how do you mount it above you?

metis lamestiza says:

what a relief to finally get some good cells without torching – which i find often gives me pits to the bottom of my canvas. YAY!! thank you Lily!~

Esther Hernandez says:


Melissa Nicole says:

Hi, I’m planning on doing this for an art project due this week, you’ve inspired me! Is it absolutely necessary to use the silicone or could I just use the mod podge alone???

Maria Santini says:

Love your your colours, beautiful work!!!

Mohamed Zaki says:

lovely cells ! please you said no water added and you writer in the description you add water to the glue ? how much water did you added for the glue or i just use it without added any water ? thanks ..

Susi Franco says:

Listen, I LOVE, love your finished product but this video seems to assume people already know the materials you’re using/amounts etc. You say ‘silicone’, but there’s no mention of what type silicone, how much or where you get it. You say “make your own Modge Podge” but you don’t provide a recipe for that. As for “Pouring Medium”—I have no idea if you’re talking about silicone or DIY Modge Podge or what. PLEASE,please be more specific ! I see a great usefulness of your posts; I don’t mind supporting you financially but I need way more specific instructions in terms of material used than you’ve provided here. Thank you for your time & incredible artistry; I appreciate it very much. 🙂

Angela Edge says:

This is gorgeous. What exactly is the silicone you use, please? I’m trying to locate some on Amazon.

DingoPaws63 says:

you put in silicone but what is it? Liquid silicone is very expensive online
what brand do you use?

dawn dzyns says:

been fascinated with pouring…wanting to try. clicked on your video because the colors and cells in your pour are amazing AND THEN to have it be a ‘how to on the cheap’ i feel like i am winning! thanx. 🙂

Amoora says:

Awesome Thank you

cheryl johnson says:

Oh thank you, Lily! I am so fascinated with this process of pouring acrylics. As a beginner, I appreciate you sharing how this technique can be done inexpensively. I look forward to going through your videos and learning more about this process.

Tanya Taneja says:

Have not u used silicon oil? U used lighter in the end or it was sprinkling something?

dynomax101 says:

I came….I SAW!!!!….I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!

Wendy Westlake says:

Wow, that is gorgeous!

Miram Escobar says:

this is really beatiful, thanks for sharing , is nice to know there other materials we may use, because in my country is not easy to find pourint medium , thanks you so much. From El salvador, central america.

Shigeyoshi Watanabe says:

Beautiful work ! May I ask a question? Where can i buy the spray machine which you used and what’s in there ? If you can tell me the name of those machine and medium you use . Thank you so much. ( I am artist and very interested in this type of art )

Lynne Boykin says:

I’m helping you out by tipping my phone to make the paint

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