DIY Painting The Budget Z4 Build!

In todays episode we’re painting the Z4, black roof and spoilers with a silver metalic body.

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Jordy says:

God damn! So many babies in the comments today. No one cares if you unsubscribe! Also there is no need to fix up the car nice because it’s salvaged.

MrCods says:

Please paint the door jams and engine bay! Even if you just rattle can it.

Bladimir Montesinos says:


sevenonesix dr says:

freddys garage is a mile from my house would have gladly taken you out to breakfast at billy’s dinner down the road got to seee the bmw before the build the good work guys

Shane Beard says:

finish 1 from oriellys– love that stuff its actually ppg’s old formula. dont let it harden before buffing it will become cement after 2 weeks!

Brandon Thompson says:

Rattle can the jambs black along with the mirrors?? Black blends in nicely with the silver. Easy fix for all the haters.

a shkurkz says:

Think the comments regarding the paint job speak for themselves, halve arsed.. B is for…

Nicky Davies says:

When are you finishing in the skyline

Richard Cerqueira says:

Who’s shop is that?

MarwoodAuto says:

base coat isnt designed to be the top coat, it is not tough at all and will scratch and chip VERY easily. Also you probably spent more time masking some of that stuff then it would of taken to just remove it.. masked emblems? lol hack job at best.

tommy d u b b s says:

Im just here for the supra

Sebz says:

Why are you rushing???

cliff w says:

How difficult was it to paint in that garage? I have the same one and may do my car just wondering how tight it was. Paint looks real good!

Deplorable Constitutionalist says:

man come on now, for real like 5 ads in a 10 min video????

Vapingwithtwisted 420 says:

Damn would have looked amazing with clear on it

cyclonicleo says:

Listen to your fan man. They’re begging you to not rush the builds. Better to take your time, do it right and have an awesome project along with a compelling video to watch than rushing it only to have everyone call you out on it.

Xeno says:

Your effort is going downhill. You can’t grow your channel if you start half assing things. You have too much competition on youtube to start dropping the ball now!

Roberto says:


Paul Kline says:

Turned that car around in 4 days. Good job guys.

MichailDoc says:

.pretty sad this ended up being done so half-assed. Hope you change your mind and revisit it the proper way, cause it is a nice car and deserves to be done properly. Cheers.

Erik Anderson says:


Big Boss says:

Looks amazing

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