DIY Painter’s Tape Canvas Art

Spruce up your living space with this easy, beautiful, and funky DIY Painter’s Tape Canvas Art! All you need is some paint, tape, and a blank canvas. Artwork can be really expensive so why not try this home project that will help you save some money and add color to your walls. This is a perfect project for a dorm room or anywhere you want to keep white walls. Tell us what you think of this grunge-chic project below!

Read our blog version of the Canvas Art for step-by-step instructions:

What you need:
– Acryllic Paint, at least two different colors (Brand we used: Daler Rowney Simply Acrylic; we used purple, green and white)
– Masking tape (the blue kind)
– Any size canvas board
– Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish

Time for project:
– Allow several hours for the paint to dry completely between coats
– Total time for project: 1 day

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Husna Baserat says:

which kind of tap using here???? plz answer

ابو بدر says:

إبداع ما شاء الله

eMMsTube says:

nice video! i did a tape art video tell me what you think! thank you

wease rainey says:


wafaa khaled says:


harish v says:

Whats the tape called

emeritus511 says:

what u use to paint on top of the art? is it varnish?

Ominous Omi says:

This is actually pretty cool. What kind of paints did you use?

Voice in the video was perfectly fine, not sure why others were complaining.

fatom_stars 3 says:


木星からの脱出 says:

Volume on max, still can’t hear a word.

Hanna Kwok says:

so cool!

ATX Fine Arts says:

Beautiful art at

Daza DannY says:

This would be pretty cool too if you painted the background galaxy or a starry night.

Emma is DIYs says:

can you talk louder

Jissel Gomez says:

Do u add the tape while it’s still wet??

Matt Rayner says:

Very nice Betty.
But does your dad know you stole all his best masking tape? Again..

Elena Matei says:

Thank you!

The Place For All_ TPFA says:

hey would you like to participate in a campaign for all talented people

fatom_stars 3 says:


R.R. Petrichor says:

A few tips for future videos:
– When there’s no-one speaking, and there’s just painting/taping, try speeding those parts of the video up.
– Have the music quieter, and your voice louder.
Other than that, this was a brilliant video, and a great idea. Thank you! 🙂

Thejaswiny Aravind says:

does washy tape work?

if not srry fr being stupid 😛

jlt1984 says:

can you also use beige masking tape or washi tape?

Blurryface's Best Fren says:

This video made me so anxious that she was going to dip her elbow in the paint accidentally

nayeli cerda says:

I had to put my volume on the highest,girl you need to be louder

Krisshiya Krishya says:

It was an awesome project I tried it out it come out so well thank h so much

Mr Mooo says:

Great job! I loved the art!

Silver Kagura Cloud/ Do it with Icetea Draws says:

she looks a bit like frisk from undertale in the video.:-)

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