DIY Painted Rock Art – Man vs Pin

Let us know if you find any of these!!!
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Roni Little says:


Kim Owen says:

Marshmallows shot glass

Creeperkitty146 says:

I wish you could put record the people picking up the Rock and see what they do (I know you did that for the have a bad day but I mean with all of them)

Kim Owen says:

Marshmallow shot glass

Eva Keller says:

Cookie bouls

Hanah Chow says:

can youmake diy Tumblr pins
#6 plastic (can get from containers )

draw design 3 times the size
colour with sharpies
cut design out
pre heat oven about 350 degrees
place tin foil or parchment paper on baking sheet
after a minute take it out
place a glass cup over then and put pressure
hot glue safety pin behind them

do it dude

lester levy says:

There’s my rock

Mariah Bew says:

Yall should do a win count

Full-Metal-Girl says:

My new fave thing to do. Haven’t found one myself, would love to find one of yours lol but it’s nice to know mine are going to good homes (I hope)

Dodger girl says:

Do the pin where you cut the cd, and then make it to a hologram plate

kahli Sawyer says:

u and corinne should do real food vs gummy food

Frisk Flowerfell says:

Glaxy Dounut

Princess Luna says:

**Facepalms at robs terrible cleverness**

Amanda Cowles says:

Scientists: Dont look at the sun during the solar eclipse!
Everyone in this video: *looks*

Cristian Cardenas says:

Rob is pretty good at drawing

Hinata Chan says:

Rob/Corrine ( probably Corrine )Make mystical animal art dolls pleeeeeeeaaaassseee!!! They are to die for.

Saskia Clegg says: packaging tape ghosts for Halloween

April Griffin says:

* focuses on handwriting*

Nazma Soogun says:


just kidding I’m to lazy to find rocks

Frisk Flowerfell says:

Gaaxy Dounut

Twerpie Thai says:

diy cat window perch

Kyla Dy says:

You should have made “throw this at something for 1 millipn dollars”

OtakusUniteBelgium says:

sup rocks?

Kyla Dy says:

Why is ur handwriting better than mine

Natalie's Channel says:

Do they live in Canada?

Furkan Tekin says:

Carved candles!!!!!

Calayag Shayne says:

Do a penny floor

Kai says:

This channel ROCKS!

Amanda Cowles says:

Scientists: Dont look at the sun during the solar eclipse!
Everyone in this video: *looks*

Caitlin Fields says:

There doing this in my town now you have to go hunting for them

Hannah olden says:

You should make some more rocks and do a give away

alliegator says:

Why are robs handwriting and drawings so nice and pretty

Hannah Bean says:

I have the rock

Miguel Bautista-Buys says:

Hand make your own Galaxy Blanket!

Trey Fnafcrew says:

id buy one

emily baker says:

come to norwich england for tour

emily says:

i want to do this

_devrk_ 328 says:

Rob is actually really good at drawing middle fingers

Kim Owen says:

Marshmallow shot glass

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