DIY Painted Feathers, Corinne VS Pin

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Mollie & John says:

I would “stick” in my college dorm next year! I’m either going to UNC Asheville or Appalachian State 🙂

Random Stuff Weekly says:

This wood be perfect to stick in my smoke room!! keep the trees with the trees! ya know?

Marlene K says:

I love your puns

Jazzy' s CurlyQs says:

I’d stick it right above my bed like a dream catcher! That’s what it sorta reminds me of ☺️

Jacqueline Jimenez says:

I would put it on the top of my wall, over my dream catcher collection.

Despoina K says:

Well I am moving to another city because I am going to the university so I would stick it above my bed to catch my nightmares .I know it is not a dream catcher but I would use it as one lots of love from Greece ♡♡♡

Erika says:

I would stick it back onto the tree you stole it from.

Flwr Boi says:


Sophie Talbert says:

if put it in my up hanging from my bedroom ceiling

Mike Andring says:

On my ceiling

Mayasucks says:

I would hang it up in my dorm room. It is going to be my first year of college, my sister and I have a roommate. We all want a cool piece of art for our room and I think this would be great to hang in our room.

kawaii cloud says:

Diy fish painted in resin!!!

Gabriela Coelho says:

I would stick it on my black wall

Mia Welsh says:

I would stick it right above my bedroom door …. I love it soooo much

The Awkward Unicorn says:

I would put it my room on my wall FOR ALL TO SEE ITS BEAUTY

Danni Alenezi says:

I’d put it above my bed or above my couch

AnnMarie Miller says:

Corinne!!!!!!! MAKE A GALEXY/NEBULA IN A BOTTLE!!!!!!!!

Madison Birns says:

Hey, Corinne! Make dreamcatchers please!

Ebony Belt says:

I’d /stick/ it between my two hanging succulent planters, so my room would /succ/ less

None No says:

I would stick it on my wall that’s totes not a Kpop shrine

Fiona Kingery says:

above my bedroom door.XD savage XDDDDDD SO FRIKKEN SAVAGE. oh sorry, i was talkin to myself XD ok im done now.

bella tw says:

I’d stick it in my succulent pots!

Charlotte P says:

I would stick it above my Corrine shrine

Paige Gall says:

I would but it above my bed because I really need more crap in my room, the feathers match my bed

Trey Fnafcrew says:


ParadiseGalleriesReborns says:

I would stick it above my loft bed

Connor Palmer says:

I would stick it on my bedroom wall right below my glow in the dark stars

Desiree Barnes says:

I love your hilarious jokes

Kate Schultz says:

I’d hang it up in my bath room. It could use a little color in there

Glam Punk says:

i would stick it somewhere appropriate

Daisy Perez says:


Loopa Apool says:

i would stick it in the dead birds arm again heh heh heh…

Jack says:

I would stick it in my corner of my garage so I have a reason to be antisocial

Gwen's Corner says:

please make paper soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willow Star says:

Right above my bed!!

Lexie Perea says:

When you said Halloween I got soo excited.

Hanah Chow says:

can youmake diy Tumblr pins
#6 plastic (can get from containers )

draw design 3 times the size
colour with sharpies
cut design out
pre heat oven about 350 degrees
place tin foil or parchment paper on baking sheet
after a minute take it out
place a glass cup over then and put pressure
hot glue safety pin behind them

do it dude

Princess Luna says:

“Yeah, we use our diy projects in real life!”
Me: said the person who burned almost every single diy she’s ever done. **glares**

SpaceIsAmazing Gaming says:

Deep fry soap

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