DIY Orchid arrangements – The living painting!

Today we try something different! an easy to make, safe, sustainable and long lasting arrangement to display our Orchids! The first episode of the new series is creating a living painting!
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Orchids are some of the most fascinating plants we can grow, but they are just so different than all other house plants, it’s hard to find a more artistic display for the decoration lovers.

Orchids are not hard to care for, but they do require special conditions, such as ventilation, proper watering and a lot of love. But Orchid arrangements are not impossible, if we just focus on plant health, rather than the decorations.

I chose a mini Phalaenopsis orchid for this project, as I have a small painting. This orchid is light and fits inside the frame perfect! I also have a cardboard painting and a candle holder that allows for great ventilation in the root area.

The idea was to make the orchid part of the scene, placing it so that it ‘sits’ on the table in the painting. The orchid is then watered separately and placed in a bright shade location, with intermediate to warm temperatures.

Want to learn more about how to care for Phalaenopsis orchids? watch my tutorial here

About crown rot and how to treat it
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Fabdanc says:

Question about direct light. I live in a city with a western exposure that faces other tall buildings. Most of my light is indirect because its bouncing off the other buildings. I do get maybe 45 minutes of strong light, but it is not from the sun being directly overhead. Do you think this will be enough to sunburn a phal?

kitty kitty says:

hey im not hating but….a vedio told me that orchids are liars,stealers,cheaters and always choise cheap plases to grow….yeah dont think thats true or not…

Amanda Mervine says:

Beautiful idea! Will have to save this

pepelu calvorota says:

first like, good video

AestheticallyAbbey says:

obsessed with this idea, definitely going to try it!!! thanks for sharing!

LinardBraslin says:

Danny, I noticed that in a couple of your videos there is a pop-in picture of the intro screen, for a half a second. It’s nothing special, but still.. On this video it is in 6:42 . Otherwise, I enjoy this new designing series! And OMG, Phalaenopsis galore!!

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