DIY mug painting.

New mug painting video!

watch my mug painting basics: drawing video:

instagram: picmemories

link to this video’s blog post:

the paint i used is in the enamels collection and the brand is folk art

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lily neverland says:

Hi love it,if I painted can I finish with a seal or extra enamel so that it couldn´t wash it off?
Please where can I get the template of you mickey? thanks from Perú

Deedlit79 says:

Does anyone know… once you’ve cured the paint and the project is all done, can you put the mug into the microwave and have it be ok?

regine Jacinto says:

Oh! I love your videos ..<3 but does it fade after washed?

Janette G says:

Can it be acrylic paint?

ArtemisAudio~ says:

Couldnt you just color the paper with dark colors then do the shading?

nikk chan says:

is it washable? 

dechinta says:

Very creative and so cute!  Thank you for sharing!

Natalja Evgrafova says:


ravagedDust says:

will porcelain work? I’m trying to do a design on a travel mug tumbler but I don’t want to waste my time on it and have it not work.

Dulce Contreras says:

How do you know when its the right temperature?

Jo b says:

can you use any kind of paint can someone please tell me

Judi Calhoun says:

I love it.

Scarlet Wilson says:

how long do these last? with washing and usage

Mariz del puerto says:

you’ve darken the lines of your design so it would stick to the mug, right?

sukanya bhargavi says:


Holly Stuckey says:

Can you use any paint

samantha rockett says:

what kind of paper and pencil did u use to transfer ? did u hand draw or print this

Chad Batawag says:

what kind of paint can i use?

yasha hameed says:

Will acrylic paint work ? I dunno if any of the stores near where I live has those enamel paints ! Could anyone please tell me if acrylic would work ??

NicolaPickola says:

where did you get your mugs?

Keira Evans says:

is this washable?

Poatchi Boatchi says:

So I tried this the summer two years ago using the exact same paint. I stored it away without using it and I finally came back to it while cleaning out stuff. When I tried testing its durability by washing it with hot water and a soft brush, the black outline came off. I think it was cause the outline was too thin but idk. Cause once the outline came off it was easy to scrape the inner image off which was pretty thick. Is there a way to make the paint stay? I watched “Pinterest Truth or Fail? #3: Sharpie Mug,” and they used an oil based paint sharpie. When scrubbed with a hard brush it didn’t come off… Any tips? I want to start painting again but I don’t want to have to go out to buy a new type of paint.

Allison Leang says:

What kind of paint did you use?

lolo sori says:

Great Video! I was trying to make a mug for my mom for her birthday and I stumbled upon this. She loved it!

Anna Huang says:

do we need to coat it with some stuff for protection ?

Kazekara Okazaki says:

Omg thank you so much for existing! Without you I’d be so lost on how to decorate mugs safely haha~! Does anyone know where I can get paint markers??? I’d really appreciate it~! ^_^

Anouar Moussaoui says:

what kind of paint did you use ?

Kristy Liang says:

Can you use sharpie if you don’t have paint?

frozenfreesia says:

What’s the different between enamel and just acrylic paint? Can you tell me where you purchase them? Thanks a bunch. 

maarib editing, LTD. says:

My paint doesn’t say how much to bake can I just bake it like urs?

Edward Sativa Comedy says:

Great vid!

Waseem Shah says:

Aaww thanku this video was really fun and nice as im also planning on doing something like this and was really useful. btw your paintings are so cute ^.^

MarcusTullman says:

When you had some paint overlap during the second pants layer, what did you do to clean it up so nicely?

wild fox says:

What paint did you use?

Saira Pervin says:

can I use any kind of paints?

Toni Curtis says:

did you use a special mug?

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