DIY Louboutin Heels – DIY Red Bottoms! (NOT SPRAY PAINTED 😷) EASY, CHEAP, FABULOUS | Kimbyrleigha

DON’T USE SPRAY PAINT!! Make your own Red Bottom Louboutin Heels with this quick, EASY and CHEAP AS HELL METHOD! I do it to all my older heels to repurpose them and make them fabulous again! This is a great way to take a boring or older pair of heels and transform them into something new and fun!

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OMG DIY Louboutins!! I love making things myself and saving money so I can spend it on OTHER fabulous things! I moved to CA from FL 4 years ago with only $200 in cash and NO job! Needless to say I had to learn a lot of life hacks and this video shows you one of my favorite Shoe Hacks! I show you how to make Louboutin Inspired Red Bottom Heels! It’s cheap and easy! Don’t use spray paint! It stinks, it’s toxic and it’s a pain in the ass! This is the BEST method and the most realistic one!

DIY Louboutin Nail Video:
DIY Louboutin Sole Refresh/Repair:

What You’ll Need

1. Angelus Walk on Red Heel Paint Amazon:
or cheaper on their website:

2. Angelus Acrylic Finisher on Amazon: or cheaper on their website:

3. A (coarse grit) Nail File (if you’re a girl or into glam you have one!)

4. Old or New Heels of your choice!

If you need a brush this is a cheap/good one:

I found this method a couple years ago and it’s the easiest way to get make DIY Louboutin Heels! Red bottom heels are always in style but who can afford the real thing?! Not this #CheapB*TCH! Follow along as I show you how to make Louboutin shoes for a fraction of the price! These are my favorite DIY heels that I have made to date! I hope you enjoy!


Filming Equipment:
1. Final Cut Pro X:
2. Canon T5i:
3. Light Kit:
4. Microphone:

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Ana Soward says:

I always get my louboutins from Ebay. I got some beautiful silk shoes 100% authentic from a person for $145 and the retail is $500, but they were selling it so low was cuz the red was gone on the bottem, so I just painted those. And honestly all the nice shoes I have hurt, and also hard to walk in. The only louboutin that I like are the sneakers, because I can walk hours in them on end. But i did pay full price for them. Heels from nice designers always hurt! There isnt any that feel good.

Zyonna Wells says:


JNtey says:

Thank you so much, I just ordered one, let’s see how it goes

Mollie McFarlane says:

Would clear nail polish work instead of an acrylic finisher?

Sarah Cassim says:

Love this idea! ❤

Ellie says:

Yet I payed hundreds of dollars for mine… when I could have just spent 6 bucks on some red paint

Shania Ward says:

I thought the one on the right was real

Ryn 2011 says:

I’ve been painting the bottoms of my heels for years (over 15) like this…but not because of Louboutin’s. Someone asked me back in 2004 if they were Louboutin’s and I was like, “What is that?” That’s when I realized I was doing something trendy on my own without realizing this whole time. Lol.. who knew?!

I was using hot pink, gloss white, matte white and this lovely rich red here.

Samantha Scarborough says:

I literally saw that paint on amazon and had the exact same idea. Awesome to see you actually did it too!

Paupers Budget says:

I didn’t realize that the red on a Louboutin was that light. I thought it was a darker like this red. Also is the paint not a gloss paint? What is the name of the sealer you used to get the gloss coat. Thank you

Agadoo doo doo says:

All of that painting just to show off to others you are wearing louboutins even though you arent to make you seem wealthy. Lol.

Love4Life1 says:

Does anyone ever ask if you’re wearing Louboutins?

Kris Horowitz says:

I followed this tutorial and I am SO happy with the result. Thank you for sharing!

Sophia Ralston says:

Hiya. I’ve been doing some research and a lot of people seem to be using the walk on red by angelus. Since I live in Switzerland, shipping is twice the price as the product itself. So I’m considering just doing it with nailpolish. What do you think, would you recommend that or is it really worth paying the extra price (in total $50 for walk on red, high gloss finish and shipping)?

Anonymous65 says:

Thank you!

L.M. Welsh says:

I tried on loubs and I tried on a payless replica. The payless was more comfortable so wit all due respect I would not want to mimic something that is not worth the money. invest in real estate and gold – not fashion.

Margarita Rios says:

I don’t know if people don’t really know about what they like. The very first red sole Louboutin were made out of his secretary’s red nail polish. #Ppl

M R says:

Sorry, but if you’re a makeup artist, you’re basically a skilled artist with everything

Mona elisa says:

I don’t understand, I’m looking and I barley see hate comments.

Kehlani Kardashian says:

Can you just use nail top coat

Burger Glue says:

Black and red, like a black widow spider.

lynduh locas says:

I’m going to be fancy!!!

M R says:

I thought the ones on the right were real!!!!

Ross Well says:

I’m doing this but purple to match my accessories!!

Katie Wood says:

No problem and OMG!!!! You are talked to me

Anonymous says:


tree keel says:

anyone know the outro song?

RoxaXOfficial says:

welp. gonna look like a rich bitch at my graduation now xd

Laura the little mermaid says:

LOVE THIS instant sub

timothy flores says:

You can also use nail polish

Nicole says:

Great ideas thank you very much

LeahSophie7 says:

Does this paint crack, peel or leave red footprints when walking on pavements??

F. E H says:

This is wonderful! (I was so relieved it wasn’t spray paint). Great craftsmanship! 🙂

Anti Petrolhead says:

She forgot to tell you that if you don’t do this all the time on other projects you need to purchase some blue painters tape and tape the edges all around so paint don’t get on the leather.

Cheer Girl says:

I need new shoes

treasure man says:

great job thank you does the paint scratch during wear and tear

Natasha F says:

these negative comments got me like arrrrgh… don’t you people understand it’s not about “faking” a pair of shoes, it’s more about making a normal pair of shoe look fancy. I know a lot of rich women and you know what, some of them still look cheap. It’s not about the brands you wear, it’s your aura and charisma. Period.

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