DIY How To Paint Mirror like Finish *Step by Step Using RustOleum Oil Based Paint / Part 1

I will demonstrate how it’s possible (step by step) to get a Super Hi Gloss PAINT FINISH using RustOleum Oil based paint. It’s a little bit of work however the end result is stunning.
So with out any further delay let’s jump right in.
The first thing that needs to be done after the area you desire to paint is prepped and taped off with paper/masking tape is to gather your supplies. You will need Rustoleum Oil Based gloss paint.(Has to be oil based) This can be purchased from most hardware stores for about $10 a quart or $30 a gallon. You will need a small bottle of Mineral Spirits from that same hardware store, also is about $10 a quart OR $20 a gallon. You will need a few QUALITY paint brushes (HARBOR FREIGHT HAS GREAT BRUSHES FOR CHEAP FYI ) OR try a 5 pack of 4 inch Ultra-dense foam roller’s for about $9 bucks. You might want to experiment with what works good for you. If you’re painting a car/boat then the foam roller’s might be the way to go. IF YOU CAN Spray using a HVLP GUN, then go that route, its simple to do and by far the easiest. Spray a test piece before you spray the area you desire to paint to adjust the flare and pressure & remember a bunch of light coats is BEST to build up the paint rather than a few thick coats.(THAT’S WHY WE THIN IT DOWN SO MUCH)
OKAY Now lets get to the basics. First stir your paint thoroughly & find a container to work out of (I used a old glass dill relish jar) Try to only mix what you will need for 1 day. Add roughly 40% mineral spirits to the container & 60% Rustoleum paint and mix that real good. (1/3 mineral s. & 2/3 paint is fine for a bit thicker mix). Pre Wipe the area that is getting painted using a clean rag & mineral spirits to ensure there isn’t any wax or dust on the surface. Dip your brush (if that’s what you’re using) in mineral spirits 20% of the way down then flick the brush to remove most of the liquid from the brush and now you’re ready to go. ( if using a roller then moisten the foam with mineral spirits)
Now that you’re ready to go keep in mind that no matter what happens from here on out can always be redone & fixed if things don’t work out. It took me 6 weeks to paint a boat back in ’09 because of the learning curve but it finally came out SWEET with out any orange peel (looks like fish scales in the finish) & after I tried to use a hi density foam roller I figured out spraying was the easiest way to accomplish the results I desired. WOW, That was a lot of work. As you can see I still use a brush because it’s so easy to work with & This was a small project anyway.
So just like I mention in the video when you begin working with the paint spread the paint around (doing a small area at a time) and then begin working the paint (what I refer to as combing your paint) On a edge either paint towards the edge and fall off or when painting away from a edge begin the stroke 1/4″ from the edge & follow up by doing the reverse & paint off the edge. Vertical surfaces are some what difficult because the paint wants to run. Just remember you have a 4-5 minute work time with this method so always watch what you painted a few minutes prior to what you are currently doing and simply go back & repaint/remove the run. Also I haven’t gotten to that yet but any paint runs will be wet sanded out. So let’s get to the method.
Apply 4 light coats of paint (WAITING HOURS INBETWEEN COATS) then wet sand using 600 grit.(IT MAY TAKE A FEW COATS TO GET A SOLID COVERAGE) Apply 4 more coats then wet sand using 800 grit. Apply 4 more coats then wet sand using 1000 grit. If it looks good then polish the areas with turtle wax brand POLISHING COMPOUND in the green container ( NO WAX YET) Wait for a few weeks to cure then wax all your paint using whatever wax you have on hand or use turtle wax. You can get a polishing pad for a drill motor for about $7, see my next video for the polish & waxing demonstration.
Hope this was helpful & feel free to shoot me any questions/ comments & perhaps tips & pointers. I’m always open to hear a new idea. Remember i’m not exactly a paid pro painter.


Tom c says:

that paint looks very runny without ,thinning,are you using a well worn in brush ,never use a new brush to gloss. the older the better, get a fairly stiff bristle brush with plenty of guts in,, make sure theres no gap between the bristles, break it in using undercoat when your cleaning the brush  rub it against a brick wall this feathers the bristles  and gives a finer finish….if you have any lines in the paint try a hair dryer on it but be care full not to keep it in the one place too long or put it too close. remember, always use pure bristle brush with oil based paint and synthetic bristle with synthetic paint. I have been a professional painter /sign writer for over 40 years

Ray Scott says:

I wish I could paint as quickly as that .Awsome

Mindy L. says:

You are a patient man!


To go through all that effort and not use wood filler to fill the nail holes and other depressions is frankly just plain stupid. Not to mention the fact of not using a quality roller. That alone would have saved time and yielded better results. And dare I mention not using a proper sanding block?

Suzanne wheat says:

Nice! Thx

Carl Zorro says:

lol Red, my favorite color for wood 🙂

jack hannon says:

there is a number of things you have done wrong and step one your gloss paint was way to runny and thin and secondly you applied the paint wrong and you used the sand paper really you should of used wet and dry paper and you put the brush in the bag full of paint you dont need to put paint on it to put it in the bag

Kayinfso Here says:


Jim C says:

Bit effort – beautiful finish. i’m going to give this a try.
thanks very much.

Ferroll Givens says:

Thanks for the video Mike. I am guessing you prepped with grey primer, and what grit did you use on it and one coat of it? And did you ever consider using an orbital palm sander? I saw on Ebay hook and loop pads 800 grit.

LuvAndHugs says:


Test3 says:

If you had used a sander with 800 grit your life would have been easier

999mrkhaled says:

Yaw just use a spray gun job done in no time

jackson jones says:

I’m new to paint how do I figure what ratio is example I will be painting a box that is 16 cu about 48″lenth 36″w 21″h what is the solution to finding the correct ratio

Edgar Francis Felix says:

Very helpful video. Thanks!

tim lever says:

When you do the 4 coats, how dry should the paint be between the coats? I just put a 50/50 coat down and it’s tacky but not fully dry. Is it ok to lay another coat on???

Willy Milano says:

Are mineral spirits the same thing as paint thinner? I can’t find mineral spirits as such in my country.

paul mryglod says:

this looks great. same method as the rustoleum car repaint videos I have seen.

paul mryglod says:

the final finish is only as good as the primered finish. perfect primer finish makes life easier later.

Mark Barbosa says:

OMG what are you doing ! your brush is junk !! you can cut out all this extra work with a white bristle Purdy Brush and sand with 400 grit and end with 1200 grit between coats and let the paint cure and you wont worry about sanding !

Carl Zorro says:

4 coats then sand down and then another coat ???????????????

62guitarguy says:

swing by your local counter top shop and pickup a piece or two of scrap Corion. It is water proof and very stable. I use it for sanding frets on my guitars. It would be perfect for what you’re doing.

stikowsky says:

is ‘oil based’ paint the same as ‘alkyd’ paint?

Carl Zorro says:

why not just paint it and then spray polycryilic on it?

ell age says:

yeah man show me how to make it look like grass…i mean glass

Romelia Polly says:

You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

Pablo Bridge says:

will this work with gold paint, to make it look like real gold

Dave Nice says:

Thanks so much for getting to the point and not wasting time. This is how you make a how to video!

Cj Robinson says:

If I use a sprayer can I start out doing 50/50 and use that the whole way through?

ERIC Mcinally says:

,wearher forcast for high blantyre for next 7days

Sho aREz says:

how thin must be the sandpaper to achive this?

Thecrazeecow says:

Im making a grand piano stand for my keyboard. This helps a lot!

Romaine Athey says:

I’ve found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for everyone I think


I like your video, I will use a high density roller to save some time and a small pair brush for crevices when painting my bedroom furniture. Thanks for the video 🙂

colon allan says:

Hi how are you doing i am looking do painting and how to thin out the paint because i’m using airbrush

dfaik says:

Does thinned paint dry faster? Normally oil based wood paints are not dry enough to paint over in a few hours, why I am asking

Michael Mayham says:

uh….part of what u said was true, i have watched this followed it to the letter and i was unable to make mine look like yours. yours is perfect and mine uh….i bought a new counter already finished. i grounded myself from watching anymore of your diy videos on here……=) i also had a friend try the exact same thing….we both faild his wife grounded him from watching your videos….keep up the good work bud….it just proves some got the touch and some got to touchup whatever they touch…..great video

Romaine Athey says:

You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

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