DIY How to Paint like a Pro Series A to Z

Painting your home? Hold on, there are some steps you may not realize can make or break your project. That’s right, there’s a lot the “pros” aren’t telling you out there. Well Jeff is here to share his secrets on getting the best result possible. Now be warned, this may be more work than you expected, but this is how the pros do it! These extra steps are WELL WORTH IT! So that being said, here is “How to Paint Like a Pro”.

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عدنان الربوعي says:

Good work

SandiRose27 says:

Jeff, a lot of useful info. Saved this video to my ‘House” library. Thank you.
Anthony, I know you’re new to the team. Welcome. Just a suggestion…the music has to fit the video and the general subscribership. That outro was not in sync with Jeff’s closing remarks. It was more like a runaway train… and too loud. Try again, sweety. And, I don’t mean for this to sound mean, so please don’t take it that way. Thanks.

Alexander Obrien says:

Great work.

airylizard says:

Hey Jeff. I recently purchased my first home and was curious as to what a good starter set of tools would be to tackle small projects. Any advice you could give me is really appreciated! Thanks

Sallie Beard says:

Wow thank you, I have learned so much. I now understand where I was going wrong…. technique is very thing. Now what’s the “easy” way to do ceilings?????

qwaqwa1960 says:

People who paint plates, fixtures etc. shouldn’t be allowed to have a house…or anything nice. Horrible…I agree, and then some :-}

You Toronto says:

Thanks for sharing ur painting tips, I always use the drywall compound and it never worked well, lots of dust.

Charlie Day says:

Great tips. At the end was it just me or was the trim paint going a little too high onto the wall?

sTeVe JuzMe says:

Purdy or wooster poles only if the pole isnt easy to work with and durable why bother make it easy , no pressure when your rolling roll top to bottom over lap and be sure to back roll , the pole is weighted if its a good pole you dont need to push or get aggressive let the roller do the work , other wise you’ll destroy the nap and wear yourself out ,, just some tips 23 yrs professionally painting for reputable companies thanks god bless

DoTheDamnTriHard says:

Jeff you look and sound by the grunts tired… keep up the good work

jose martinez says:

Hi sr. I have a question? I’m started a painting Cia, here at Edmonton AB. how should I charge by square foot or by proyect can you explain please.. thank you

Thomas Komosinski says:

Dude this is awesome u finally posted the video.

Paul Watterson says:

Thank you for sharing your trade secrets … better than a college education. Excellent
excellent video!!!!

Ray says:

Learned something new and enjoyed watching. Now I need to get back to work and paint that room!

G Popham says:

Great video, I am painting my house at the moment and im finding lots of that built up paint around the switches/fixtures , like you showed how to avoid. years of every owner changing the color. any ideas on how to get rid of it. Thanks from Wellington New Zealand.

Maxima says:

Nice vid

24K MAGIC says:

Do you just clean your roller refill & paint brush with water? Thanks for sharing!

jeff Deavers says:

Thanks for this one Jeff! Im painting tomorrow and Ill be trying this for sure. What grit of sandpaper you use between coats?

Red Yumi says:

Excellent video! Can you please do a video about outdoor painting? What brand you like to use, why you like to use it. Thank you!

Scott Hankel says:

Great video and perfect timing for our painting project! Question, how do you handle dry paint drips and roller lines?

Prescott Perez-Fox says:

I have found that to repair nail holes, the best thing is spackle with no primer, and then when that’s dried (and sanded), you give it a quick spray with aerosol primer. The 1-2-3 brand is my preferred primer. It may take one second longer, but it feathers the area nicely, adds, a bit of texture, and absorbs the new paint like a champ. Maybe it’s slower, but the time you spent mixing the Sheetrock 45, you could have been done.

Just an alternate approach. Keep doing your thing.

qwaqwa1960 says:

You clearly have no use for edging pads when it comes to edges. Any words of wisdom that would convince us to abandon them? (other than the fact that you make the brush technique look great & easy) True…they sometimes have issues. You’re tempting me…

Sane Forbes says:

Thank you very much I’ve learn so much

Alexander Fagard says:

The denting technique I picked up from one of your other videos was by-far the most useful tip I’ve encountered. With that method I can usually get away with one coat to cover up small dents and holes in the wall. A little tip from my mom who is quite a good painter – if you aren’t going to finish everything in a day – you don’t have to wash your brushes: just wrap them in foil and put them in a baggy in the fridge – same goes for roller covers. Next day… take them out of the fridge and you’re good to go.

Tim Z says:

You forgot to add the Happy Trees. LOL

Samuel Feguer says:

So what’s the best way to repair peeling drywall tape if you don’t want to install crown molding?

Iain B says:

You mentioned sanding between coats but didn’t show it. Are you just using that radius 360 to sand the entire wall surface between coats? Thanks!

eN eSS says:

Do you have a video on how to do the smooth ceiling border?
Great video, I’ve learned a lot. Thanks.

Bill Carriveau says:

Love your videos. You said you sand, paint , sand paint. After your break you never mentioned sanding again. Could you clarify? Sand paint paint seems right to me.

What size grit to rough up in the beginning?

Ever wash walls first or does the sanding remove the washing aspect?

Thanks in advance!


My sink got stopped up because the last painter washed his brush. Why save a brush if you have to go through that?

Kevin Kepa says:

Pro tip : just pay someone to do it lol… painting is the worst

Cudda Brown says:

Teach me oh great Master Ninja

Matt Blake says:

Not trying to be overly critical, but that base board cut line @36:33 is on the wall & a little wobbly sir. But I love the videos. The little tips & tricks are what I like the most of your videos because I’m fairly new in the home improvement business.

Wei mingyuan says:

$1.5 paint tray from dollarama!!!

Max Lo says:

Graet video. But why dont put some primer on the patched area?

ASP Home Construction says:

Great video ! Very professional and full of good tips.

Mav Div says:

What brand of paint stick is that? Every time I see an extendable paint stick they are so flimsy and have a lot of play once extended. I like to pick one of those up

Marcus Asteborg says:

Nothing related to this video, but I just love your channel. I do 99% of the work on my old house myself now just because you have great guides of everything. Keep it up! I will for sure keep watching.

Jonathan Ludwick says:

Thanks Jeff, very timely for me too. Just to double check; you did sand between coat one and two (not shown in video)? So about twenty minutes it’s dry to touch, you hit it with your sander and off you go cutting again. Correct?

Erik Keenan says:

Great video, often I think painting is a simple process. However there is a huge difference between painting and painting well.

dave daved says:

nice. vid. dont ever use that outro music again. yuk. anyway, nice technique.

John Redmile says:

Great work from England

Cousin Justin says:

Titan 440 Impact, or Graco Ultra handheld for small trim projects.

Taras Tereshchak says:

Thank you for an excellent video! Can you also make a video about making such nice edge on popcorn ceiling??

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