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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to paint a galaxy or nebula design. The design I made is based on Orion’s Nebula. For more inspiration, try an image search for “galaxy” or “nebula” on or

To seal/protect the design, I used Mod Podge matte clear acrylic sealer – Other sealers will work too.


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Alex Arcoleo


fathima.r anwar says:

pwease do a retro,funky kinda room decor!!!

Alwani8403 says:


Coffee Queen says:

best Galaxy tutorial I’ve found ty!

Shaiful Akmam Silaluddin says:

Can i just use water colour instead? Because it was so hard to find any decent medium here on my country!

love to; everything says:

you r so cute ….u just earned a subscribers

Shahid Khan says:


Molly12 says:

it was soo horable
when i did it cheater what kind of diy is this

Lucy S says:

Could I do this with fabric paint on a black hoodie? I’m trying to do galaxy mermaid shells on the chest.

Emily Hodson says:

super useful, I have created a wonderful galaxy design !!☺

Katherine Caceres says:

Your technique for a galaxy is the easiest one yet, so many people take it too far. I Love Your technique!!

Lion Emoji says:

will this stay on a skateboard?

Siddhi shaiwal says:

u post such nice videos n ths one is too good

Kyais Ondari says:

I was having trouble putting on the clouds

Samiulla Cm says:

Do a cube pattern

Safrial Safrial says:

can you make some slime

sailormoonfan2016 says:

wow. And i thought it would be more complex than this…

Alayna Zaid says:

Thank you for this video it helped me a lot in my school project
Love Alayna

XxMaximusxX says:

Does Aquarelle Watercolour gonna work? I really need it for my journal… Thanks ♥

Talayah Jones says:

u should do it with colored pencils

Complicated says:

Thank you so much! This is a good guide for my parents. I’m painting this with midnight blue, feusha, purple, and white semi-gloss paint on two of the my walls. Right now they are painted black. while the other walls are purple. Thank you so much!

because I DIY says:

can you do a video on drawing a one

Luna Lovegood says:

If I would do this to my hair, I would

jamanda clemons says:

do you know how to make a volcano

Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

What brushes did you use? I want to try this but i dont know what brushes to use.

Tooba Zehra says:

What! You are watching the cosmos, uh Tyson’s cosmos right

Clorox ableach says:

I’ve never clicked faster in my life

Natasha Foley says:

wave pattern

Shahid Khan says:


Tehreem Talat says:

i soooooo much like ur vuds luv u <3

qhairil salim says:

can u make a galaxy on white papers??pleasee..idk how to control the usage of black and white paint…and can u make a video on how to make galaxy using oil pastel

Jiamin - says:

this is impossible is you have painted a notebook with black acrylic paint and then paint galaxy over it… Those clouds are just not possible to paint so I want to warn y’all

James Waddell says:


ammara aziz says:

i am going to try it ! i wish it will turn out as perfect as yours 🙂

Pepper Head says:

This is awesome! you said any surface, so I can do this on the body of my guitar?

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