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Add a colorful edge to your books!
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Make your notebooks & journals unique by painting the edges! Also a great way to revive books on your shelf 😉

Tip for bookbinders: It’s easier to paint on a smooth surface so try trimming your text block beforehand –

DIY Gilded Book Edge

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mesi238 says:

Pretty, love it! …Galaxy …hummmm

luemoonba says:

Love this idea! Thank you so much.

agdollforeverxkaira says:

I’m currently working on my wreck this journal and I need to paint the sides of the journal. Thankyou for making this video!

lisaelaineeee says:

i did my bible like this i used stamps and inktense pencils/blocks it works great because its opaque and permanent once dry.

Dmytro Slyusar says:

more stardust than galaxy. still cool though)

Urška Cirnski says:

i love it❤i love how creative you are. love your vids❤ i realy like all your diys they are realy special and unique…❤

Liz Brochu says:

would love to see how you would rebind a hardcover spiral bound book with stitching. If the cover is hard, it won’t bend , and I would think that it would be hard to open. but all the holes are already there, so there’s no need to make your own, like saddle stitching.

Bridget Umphryes says:

oh that looks fun i have tons of books but i tend to pass them on when i’m done reading them but this does give me some ideas thanks for sharing

Littleworldofart says:

I want to buy few watercolor sketchbooks from you ! How can I

Awesome Barbie says:

Ooh La La! So fun and colorful

Ms Shā Shā says:

Galaxy print just makes my space loving Whovian heart so happy. ♥ So love this!

Tysmfs!! Best of wishes to you and yours chicky! ♥♥

annie fort says:

the galaxy was my favorite

Sharon Kaseman says:

I love the galaxy pattern, so pretty!

Arturo Cervantes says:

This is awesome! I’ll try the galaxy pattern on my Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Which I also bound using one of your tutorials 🙂

Derek Barnett says:

This is awesome. Definitely trying it at some point. 🙂

jgustaf760 says:

Thank you I really enjoy your book tutorials.

CreativeGeneration DIY says:

Can you plz do a DIY mothers day exploading box ?☺ Also this Diy is amazing !!!!!!

ArtandAudacity says:

Ooh, I want to try this with some glow in the dark acrylic on my bullet journal.

Patty Kelly says:

this was a very timely video. I had been thinking of adding this touch to some of my journals. thanks.

drawing hub by jiya aren says:

I like both of them… outstanding

Valen5878 says:

Oh my goodness I love this!! I made some little notebooks based on another of your tutorials but I had used black leather and they ended up looking a little lifeless, I think this is exactly what they need!! Thank you so much for making these videos!!

Bokeh Lyfe says:

That galaxy was my fav for sure. Gonna try it.

7861hotcakes says:

Can u show how to make a DIY photo book on the cheap

Hamster Ball Ruckus says:


detroit31348 says:

Nice video! :)) More Kona videos please! :)))

Izzy Stephan says:

hiya! just wondering if you could do a video on XXL books or maybe one on an old-school grimoire?

Sweet Ingenuity says:

The galaxy edge looks so good! That’d be such a nice gift for someone, finding a copy of one of their favourite books and then customizing it with a painted edge to match its contents…

The JemmaGrl says:

So…I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find a way to easily and cleanly color the edges of my journals. Tried the spray paint idea – and I didn’t like the outcome…still trying to find the best paint. STAMP PADS, girlfriend!! I was at AC Moore and they had a whole bunch of colors on sale for less than $1. The sample turned out amazing!! If the edges are clean/sharp enough – one could also use stamps. Watching this video, I think it would be neat to use patterned stamp – or I was thinking of stamping a full name 🙂 Have you tried this method? I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

K Seng says:

Really love the galaxy gild more than the flower pattern, but definitely will try both. I like the contrast of colors in the flower pattern journal and I’m going to use a variation of that to spruce up mines. Probably a duck and stars pattern. The galaxy one I’ll definitely use to spruce up a gift for someone. Super cool! Thanks for the vid.

Mysteries of Writing says:

This looks stunning! I’m thinking of painting the galaxy design on my planner! Thanks for this awesome tutorial. It’s amazing! 😀

Aliya DeBartolo says:

I’m pretty sure you’ll say no but could you do something either just anime/manga themed or something just Attack on Titan themed?

Angry Cat Crafts says:

OMG!!!! This is so cool, Thank You!!

Amarante Music says:

Thank you again for using our music!

Natalie Gardner says:

I really want to do this to my Harry Potter collection but I’m scared I’ll ruin them… I think I’ll practice on some random books from the thrift store just incase I mess up and end up ruining a book haha (after reading the books of course!)

Delayla Sosa says:

I subscribed

Nekochu Emi-chan says:

im still sparing money for the TM diary XD just CANT seem to find any leather store around here

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