DIY Chippy Paint Finish with your fingers.

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Malgozata says:

Debi, I think it is so awesome that you let us go and check out other people’s work… I just went and looked at Jeremy’s video selection and wasn’t too interested, but it was awesome of you to do this.

Prisilla Cope says:

Missed you!! 😉
Great techniques on that buffet!!

Connie Wallace says:

OH my gosh you are hilarious and the furniture looks gorgeous!

kristinbsb24 says:

ive been searching for your paint online but i cant find it

Cheryl Meier says:

God bless you and your family. xxxooo

Raymond Bosch says:

beautiful, amazing effect thanks for sharing. greetings from the netherlands

melissa jacobson says:

Welcome back Debi I missed you! Thanks for this tutorial I was wondering how to get that effect, great inspiration!

Tiffany Cooper says:

I just love you <3 your videos are great & your personality is just awesome!

A Cozy Casita says:

Beautiful piece!! You did a great job!! I love it!! Tfs, Liza :))

Amberlina Brandenburg says:

I adore your talent! Go girl!

theBluelife says:

you. are. totally. amazing!!

LinaKarolina - Chalk paint, DIY, Recycle & Remake says:

this is awesome!!!

Best wishes to you and your family, I hope you all will be fine!! <3

Melinda Eames says:

Love this technique and colors!!!! You are so inspirational!!!!

Exhibition says:

Did you figure out what your making with the shims yet? If not how about a spice rack or jewelry holder? Good luck!

Denise Nachtigal says:

I am overly, and possibly unhealthy-ly in love with this paint job. I have a small bed side table that I’m 99% certain is going to be the trial run for me in this style.

lisa pedder says:

Best wishes to you and your family debi. I love the chippy cabinet!

Norbert Trinder says:

debi i think i Love you. greets from my heart…you sexy Thing…

Lauren Amor says:

Just came across your videos. You’re brilliant! I’m planning on painting both my nightstand and dresser so I’m very excited to see what I can come up with; your videos have definitely been helpful inspirations!

Isabel Sifuentes says:

I love everything!

Eileen Dunn says:

Debi, so, so happy to see you again, you’re adorable! XO

josecarlos jesus says:

I love you. Serious

Naty Cabello Urionabarrenetxea says:

Excelentes Diy. ¿para cuando subtítulos en castellano?. Gracias

Christine Ritter says:

I love your videos so much.

cynthia mcmillan says:

praying for u and ur famly…stay strong!

Kiz Momma says:

My prayers for peace and healing. I’m glad you’re back. my daughter and I love you very much. you’re unique and kind. I can trust my family to watch you and not have any problem

kosmicgirl1 says:

Yay! She’s back 🙂 🙂   You could paint the shims 2, 4, 12 different colours then lay them side by side and glue some kind of fabric strips across them to make 1 long matt of shims. Then find an old, strange, wonderful kitchen chair frame and attach the matt to it to form the back, seat and section behind your legs when sitting… I don’t actually know what shims are – maybe cos I’m Aussie – so I don’t know if they would be strong enough to sit on…

ZombieNinjaRice says:

wahaha yayyyy you’re back!!!!

jaime chavez says:

You are GREAT !!!! Thank you for the tips and will Love to see any new videos you may have coming. May God help your sister and you both through these difficult times! I would love to say that if their is anything I can do for you let me know? But I’m sure we are miles apart and that would sound really creepy?

Kathy Fredrickson says:

Yes, looks like it was found in Santa Fe!

Yvonne Clark says:

Could you Please,Please do a video on Unicorn Spit Stain Gel?????? I need the way you explain idea’s!!!!! Please!

Gisette Harris says:

Debi this is fantastic! I can’t wait to try it for myself. 🙂

Malgozata says:

this was fun to watch. I love how you ask your viewers for ideas. I always thought that tv shows would be more fun and more creative if they welcomed public’s input and ideas. I do not know if any of them do. They are so insecure. but here, you do. Yay!

B. Bright says:

Wow, you have had so much sorrow and heartache,,,I do hope your sister is doing well.
Your videos are so informative, short and your. personality makes them all the. better.

Melody Brown says:

I love her diy projects omg everything she makes is what i love

In Texas says:

Missed you a bunch! Voted for you on HGTV. Hugs from South Texas

MixedUpMargie says:

beautiful piece!

Faatima Bee says:

The only thing I do not like about you channel, is that there is not enough of you, your wonderful videos or a lot more content. I love this channel

LinaKarolina - Chalk paint, DIY, Recycle & Remake says:

This is gorgeous!!

Taylor Kueck says:

I wish so bad that your paint was available in my area 🙂 We’re two hours north of Spokane, WA and I have not been able to find it anywhere. We do travel to Spokane often though.

Exhibition says:

Just looked for your paint. No one near me sells it. if I had a store font for my businesses I would totally carry it. Im in the Ventura County Area by Westlake Ca. How can I get my hands on it. I can even give you names of places that would probably carry your paint if you like.

Hollie Kuber says:

Hi Debi,

I just wanna say I’m sorry for the loss of your mom and praying for you and your family to find peace in your lives. I also wanted to let you know that I am happy to hear that your sister is doing good. love this piece that you did.those colors are fantastic to say the least.

deezie says:

I love watching your videos*** You always do the best projects, love this piece of furniture you did over. The colors are beautiful.

M. Walters says:

I LOVE that you work around the house in a skirt. 🙂 So sorry to read about your mom.

borasca0107 says:

oh my goodness!! LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! COLORS and everything! after I take a break from watching your video clips, if I take it at all 🙂 I am gonna check out your page and just pray to dawgness that I can afford your paints! 🙂 Have a great day!

abominableangel says:

shed shagged chic

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