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Selah Cher says:

WOW Kim!! Love it!!

Anderson Family Vlog says:

Wow great job.

Tyechia Monique says:

That turned out very nicely!

Tammi Young says:

Kim you are truly artistic

Dasha says:

Great job it looks great!

Renee P says:

Fantastic job on both projects! Blessings…

Tishauni Smith says:

You gotta change your channel name to add Buddy. Like Life with Kim, Lizzie & Eddie. Or Life with Kim & the Holden kids

day with dyjea says:

You got great decorating skills

Justla Tv says:

Wow, you’re very creative. I would’ve never thought to do all of that to make those paintings.. They came out very nice.

Suzanne F. says:

Love your creativity and artistic talents!

S de Jong says:


Dawn Bracy says:

Awesome job! You are sooooooooo creative!

Mixed Media Kam says:

If you ever try this again, next time thin the paint down with some water before putting it on the canvas. The paint was just too thick for what you were trying to do. They did turn out very nice though!

Tammi Young says:

I bet art was one of your majors in school



hefavors Me says:

Nice Art Work…

Healthy LifeStyle says:

You are creative 🙂 love them.

narm67 says:

Fab x you’re very talented

J Carmelita Ashby says:

Wow! You are creative! That is so cool!

EH CBunny says:

Very nice. What’s the next project? Are you going to add Edgar as the Sous Chef on Lizzie’s cooking channel?

Ahnya Tonique says:

I love the paintings it looks like u bought them!!

The Disgruntled Gardener says:

That is so cool.

Mildred BC says:


The Lea Rae Show says:

Well, that was dope!

Hugh Mad Bro says:

If you want the kids names anywhere on their walls or personalized decals lmk I’ll make them for free 🙂 id love to do that as yalls adoption gift 🙂 from our family of 2 to your family of 3 + Grandma 🙂

NaturallyMo says:

This is awesome!! Thank you for the inspiration! Now I am going to make some DIY paintings for my living room and bedroom!!

LdyValentine214 says:

I am soooooo glad y’all are back!!! I’m like a kid at Christmas…when I see another video has been uploaded

kandy kiss says:

Where did yu get the letters

Deborah Taylor says:

Pretty cool

dabosslady76cs says:

Great diy

Crystal Marie says:

Good job…

Deborah Taylor says:

I keep trying to watch full videos then I get a little bit in and then nothing

Shayla Johnson says:

Who would have ever guessed

S Castle says:

All I could think about was the white sofa the canvas is standing up against.. you are a brave woman. I think they look pretty great!

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