A 1980’s DIY Desk Makeover Using Beyond Paint and Stain – Thrift Diving

http://ThriftDiving.com – Using a couple coats of Bright White furniture paint from Beyond Paint and dark stain, this old 1980’s orange wood desk got a complete makeover! This project was brought to you by Beyond Paint. #ad

For the materials list:

For more information about Beyond Paint, visit:


0:13 Introduction
0:35 Cleaning the desk
0:45 Sanding the desk with 60-grit sandpaper
1:15 Sanding the desk with 100- and 220-grit sandpaper
1:35 Applying stain
1:45 Wiping off stain
1:51 All about Beyond Paint
2:01 Applying paint
2:46 A word about Beyond Paint sealer
2:57 Decorative knobs
3:00 We’re done!! See the BEFORE &AFTER
3:33 Bloopers! Behind the scenes stuff that didn’t make the cut 😉

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Charlene Bush says:

I love it. You are a Jack of all trades, seriously! Glad I am a subscriber of your channel. Keep the makeovers coming.

jaworskij says:

Why do Millennials have a HATE on for the 1980s?

It was one of the MOST terrific decades of the past 100 years.

The 1970s on the other hand was the decade that I could have done WITHOUT.

Vintage Statements says:

Its amazing that its the same piece. We do a lot of pieces like this where the transformation is so dramatic. Check us out! Nothing like having another person to learn from. Great work! Dont forget to follow. cant wait to see more projects from you guys. 🙂

Katherine Canon says:

hmm i would rather whole thing stained if old or antique. Some like paint im just not one of them but it still looks nice. If like cheap furniture like from walmart or low end furniture place i would painted it.

Samantha Surigao says:

I AM OBSESSED. The stain is so gorgeous! Looks amazing with the white!

Natalie Woodley says:

can I use chalk paint for a dinning table

Karen Harper says:

That turned out great!

Jason Haley says:

Awesome thank you for posting. I’m really becoming a fan of your work.

Chris Denney says:

Nice Job! I run a small woodworking shop and flip Goodwill furniture when business get a little slow. This is a great example of what I do to with cheap furniture to make some extra cash.

JabuJabule says:

You should have stained the inside of the drawers too! This is gorgeous!

Ominous Kill says:

Hi I was thinking about painting my office desk all white the same as you did except mine isn’t as old in fact it’s pretty new and smooth all around and I was just wondering if I would need to sand it down like you did or can I just start doing everything you did after sanding the desk? I’d really appreciate the help!

Mrz Hyde says:

how long did it take you to sabd the top?

Ruby Chew says:

Wear gloves when you are working due to the chemicals in the products.

Samantha Surigao says:

I’m doing this project right now! But I’m having trouble with the wood stain. Is it supposed to transfer even after 24 hrs of drying?

monica boyd says:

Love love love how this desk turned out! Wondering about the gray (front left) leg at the 2:30 mark. Did I miss a step? Want to be sure I get same quality results. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Rafael Martinez says:

hello, question why did you wipe off stain? is that part of staining? thanks for sharing video luv the way it came out I have small end table i am going to try this on.

Mr Green eyes says:

I leave a comment on one video then I find another dam,people will think iam a storker lol iam sitting at home stuffing my face with crisps or french fries as u Americans say and drinking cup’s of tea watching my favourite channel hear in sunny England serena that was brilliantly done what a makeover

MissJessicaellen96 says:

Can I do this on a fake plastic wood desk?

master vivi says:


sunflower98765 says:

how come you didn’t sand the parts of the table you painted white?

DIY palace says:

your voice is so pretty

oh2cute4words says:

great what is sealer!!!

trmaha says:

Question, why didn’t you have to sand the bottom part where you painted white?


I like this makeover. Nice and modern look.

princessaz79 says:

Why do you sand the top with 60 then 100 then 120? Then why was one leg gray.

Sydney O'Donnell says:

What is the name of this stain? I have a consol table i’ve been wanting to stain and this is the perfect color!

Marilyn C says:

I recently painted a thrift store desk and the paint keeps peeling off along the edges. I sanded, used primer and then painted etc. And I have even reapplied, but it still peels off. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

LiquidPinkLady says:

You make everything look so easy.
Happy I stopped by.

dinh says:

Is that a child’s desk? Looks so tiny!!

domsau2 says:

It was better before !



吳佳叡 says:

I like the original look though…

Iuliia K says:

Hi Serena, would you recommend to use a wood primer before staining?

Brian Smith says:

Why bother washing the desk top off with simple green if you are going to sand it? Wasted effort. Should only do that if you are going to paint over the original.

Zara Rodriguez says:


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