’66 C10 is Primed! DIY Painting Paint Booth Tips and Tricks

I finally primed my 1966 Chevrolet C10 short bed project! I learned a lot in the body prep and prime process, so I figured I’d share it in this video. I’m not a car paint or bodywork expert.

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Spencer Rosar says:

John, I highly advise you dm me on Instagram for ANY questions about paint or prep or gun settings or anything. I work at a certified PPG dealer here in Minnesota, actually only one of the three or four in Minnesota that are licensed and trained dealers. I can give you advice on paint, type, type of clear, type of gloss, sandpaper grit, gun settings, Metallica, pearls, mix ratios, and general setup and questions. I would really like to help you guys out! My Instagram is Spencer_Rosar. Have a good one, Spencer.

Untamed toys says:

How can I get a sponsor by go powersports keep the great work up bub

David Windsor says:

Looks great.

mark says:

Wait, cars and cameras uploaded a video about CARS!!

All jokes aside, you guys are the reason I’m into small engines!
And I just want to thank you for making this great videos. Keep it up!

GruesomeJeans says:

You can try to find paint samples at local paint stores or hardware stores that are close or match the color you want. You can also check out paint codes for cars both classic and modern. If you find the color you want, you can track down the paint code and even order a small bottle of touch up paint in that color to try it out. I managed to get some in the original Jade green that my ’78 bronco came in. I never got a chance to go further with that though.

hojo70 says:

Great job, John! Keep on truckin

Norfolk Southern says:

Looks like ASS.

Hiatus 16 says:

That looks great.. Better than I did on my 64 c10.. sad I don’t have it anymore.. sold it to pay bills..

Delicious DeBlair says:

Any good automotive store that offers a wide range of paints should 1, be able to mix anything on the spot, and 2, have color chips of basically any color imaginable with the codes to replicate that precise color. An old pro at color mixing can make deviations from a given color chip to match your custom color(s) if what you seek is somewhat off from any given color chip.

Granted, a color chip in a shop, is not a vehicle in bright sunlight, BUT at least MOST shops will either have a sun lamp near the counter OR allow you to walk outside with the chip to see how it looks in the sun.

Still, of course, you have to turn it at various angles and see if it responds at all angles because some paints look differently from a sidelong angle as opposed to flat up against the sun and the viewer.

Even then, unless you have a very solid, vivid imagination, its going to be difficult to imagine the color on the body from a chip, so its likely still going to be some guesswork if you are reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely picky. ~( ‘w’)/

Alex Enns says:

Looking good


I use to hv a 66 ,navy blue metallic with white roof it was down in the weeds with wide rear tires and skinnys up front lot of good memories in that truck

Collin Rimkus says:

Where’s Burt

colin parker says:

Hi john it’s looking good hope the colour you want dark green with gold sparkling bits I think would be better it will be nice and it will show up the truck when the sun shines on it it’ll be fine !!! Colin from the Uk

jim isaacs says:

Pick your color and just add the mat additive

Steeltree - homesteading with a twist says:

John please contact me I can save you so much time and money
I do this every day

brennenrulez says:

Did you plan on shooting a single stage or a 2 stage paint?

Lee Fritz says:

Toyota paint code 221 dark blue green check out this color chip in bright sunlight it has a crazy flip

Gary Weaver says:

I have a 1996 Ford F-250 that is dark mattallic glossy green just hit me up on my you tube channel I can get you a picture and the paint code if you like it I love the green my truck is you don’t see very meny green truck like it

Christopher Haynie says:

Have you picked the color yet?

David Mitchel Vlogs says:

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! THE MUSTACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moondyne .Joe says:

Good Onya for having a go John
I only know what I have watched online or the small amounts I have done
so here are to really good Suggestions to check out
The Gunman ( He is a Professional Spray painter from Western Australia ( check out his Poison Ivy VE SS Commodore ) ask him questions he is very knowledgeable


and the other is

Chris Fisher ( Triumph Spitfire Rebuild ) he is right around where you are now and has extensively refurbished his Triumph and all the issues he has had and tips and tricks he has LEARNT


Im sure these two can offer or at least by watching learn some helpful tips

Tony From Western Australia

Steeltree - homesteading with a twist says:

Ask you local paint store
For there denim colors
That’s satin finishes
Don’t put ppg colors on that truck you’re spending three times what you should there are several products I can tell you about that will save you hundreds and you’ll still get a great job
That will last years
You’re very right. it’s All in the prep
I’m doing a 71 c10 at the moment
It’s inferno orange
You can ask your local auto paint store for there color chips and they’ll help you find the color you’re looking for
I left you my number don’t hesitate to call or text I’d be glad to help

Big Beast GY6 says:

john…..john……paint it to match the rail……or the black widow……call it the “Big Widow” or the “Widowmaker”. Gotta pay respects to your roots. I think it looks great though!

Daver G says:

Dark green metallic, older Mustangs had one,as well the Chrysler Intrepids. For something a bit lighter but a beautiful colour check out Bentley Spruce Green or Cypress grey

Ace Hartless says:

♤ Great content keep up the good work

Greg Bernal says:

test panels

Nathan K says:

I have always liked the rusty aged look. I have seen some that where painted that way. Looks awesome.

Lyle Kehrer says:

Once it’s all done, you’ll have a different pride of owning the truck (doing the work yourself) than just buying a restored one. That’s a comment I’m getting building my camper, and just as you experienced, mistakes were made and things were redone. But there’s a sence of pride for self work! And I think maybe a hunter/forest green or even a copper with brown accent would be a good choice. Comes down to it, it’s your choice – your truck.

JB J says:

If the paint you want is specific to a certain vehicle you can find the code and the original paint supplier. If it is a custom color then you will have to have it mixed and try to get it close to what you want. Most paint suppliers will have color samples to choose from. Also, metal is going to be a lot better and easier than a color for fiberglass. Thanks for the video. Hope it comes out well for you.

Neff_F says:

Make sure to block the car before painting to check for any dents/low spots! What you do is mist some black spray paint over the primer and or use a dry guide coat you wipe on than sand off. Where there’s any dents or pinholes the paint will stay behind!

Reds Kool says:

i still want to no what was that paint you put on the rail car the name on the can lol … †

Pha Q says:

*House of Kolor*
If you’re happy with just the primer, wait till you lay on some color. It’s awesome!

creekmiata says:

Pick a factory color, like 95 Lincoln green.

RicKustom says:

Head to your local paint store, look through their chip books and don’t be afraid to ask to see the color in the sun for the look the the metallic/ the flop/ the pop, etc. I always stick with PPG, I suggest OMNI of the PPG paint line, you can look at any color in a chip book and people at the paint store should be able to cross reference and mix in OMNI. For the clear coat, I have used and very happy with PPG’s flex’n’flat and you can choose the amount of gloss your looking for, from 0% and up. If you choose to use that clear, read the info sheet closely. Also you mentioned using a PPG 2k high build primer, I’m pretty sure you more then likely used OMNI MP282 with hardener MH283 mix ratio 4-1. Good luck finding the right color for you. Looking forward to seeing the outcome.

Collin Martin says:

Glossy antique minty green color 🙂

Ma'at Crook says:

U can use Photoshop to play around w/ color ideas on a photo of the same model truck.

dalton williams says:

You should put a snowmobile Motor on a go cart

derek leverknight says:

Nothing gives you a true color except sunlight. Thats whay light youll see it in in the end so when youre looking make sure to do so under natural sunlight

Vitor Leão says:

Where is the dragster engine dissection?

Miguel Pagan Sr says:

if it were me painting that beauty, I would with a GM original color from that era, if you want something modern go with a GM polo green. it may be a little dark but is absolutely gorgeous. the metal flakes really pop under the sun good luck with the project and stay well. hello, ike.

Dennis Dew says:

Your truck would look great painted Dark Green trimmed out in Gold Metal Flake. It would shine like new money.

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