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Today I am sharing about Diamond Painting, my newest obsession. I share what it is, some tips & tricks and the few supplies you will need. I also share my WIP (work in progress) plus my completed projects. I hope you like the video.

Things mentioned in this video…..

light pad https://amzn.to/2tak5Z3
2 pack bead case 2 pack bead cases https://amzn.to/2ye9YIr
multi color cat DP https://amzn.to/2MvbatZ
Beauty & Beast Rose https://amzn.to/2LUAEzN
sticker paper https://amzn.to/2t9gf2v

HP Instant Ink (First Month Free if you use this link) http://try.hpinstantink.com/jmDMM

Video camera we use to film https://amzn.to/2I5Gs8h

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We are Paul and Shannon from PSToyReviews. We love our toy channel but we do tons of other things too. We like to shop, travel and just have fun together. Plus Shannon has a love for journaling, planning & scrapbooking. We are going to be sharing some of our day with you and hope you enjoy it.

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chrissy tamburlin says:

Shannon thank you for making this video. I have been hearing about this product for a month or so. I just tune it out. I thought it would be either to hard to do. But you make it sound like fun. Wish you showed us how easy it is to do. I might step out of my comfort zone and buy one. Awesome job !!! Hope you frame the New York one

Ashley Base says:

Oh my goodness..Shannon those are beautiful!! I would love to do the my little pony one for my niece. She is in love with my little pony. I am going to try this!!

Marissa Bolmgren says:

I’ve been thinking about trying these, and this video made me definitely want to!
My continued thoughts, prayers, and love to you and your family!

hpdftba says:

This looks like my favorite coloring books from mindware called mystery mosaics!

Tanieka Mullins says:

Wow! I love coloring the adult color books so I would love these!!! So there not at like a local Walmart or dollar store just online?

Sandy Kruscinski says:

Hi Shannon, I bought the Beauty and the Beast rose too, just started it today thanks for the tips, I was overwhelmed! I just love the ones you did!

Marissa Bolmgren says:

I totally forgot to say, pill sorters would also work well to hold the diamonds! You could write the number on each little pocket with a dry erase marker and you would be able to take that off after each different painting 🙂

Aileen Robinson says:

I love the cats

Kimberly Higashi says:

Hi Simon

Ellen x says:

Oh I love the stitch and Duffy one so cute we’re did u get the Duffy one from please x

Emily Hall says:

How long does it take to complete one? I always have the problem that I start something but never finish it.

Lindsay Armstrong says:

I think we have the same light board

Madison Smith says:


Susan Innes says:

Omg my daughter would love the beauty and the beast rose one she loves that movie and her name she goes by is belle and her middle name is rose

April Hill says:

Isn’t it addictive?!? I like that it’s something that you can just zone out and do.
I’ve gotten a couple Diamond Paintings off of Ali Express, I felt like I found the best assortment of images there and really reasonably priced. I also like the full images, with the square bits. I bought the exact same storage boxes, they work great (especially after I realized that you can open them with a little pressure on the side like the Shopkins backpacks from season 5)
I’ve been contemplating getting the light board too, I tried a lamp over the top, but that just added in glare. Plus the board would would be great for drawing too.

Dana St.Hilaire says:

I just bought my first diamond painting yesterday

Hannah H says:

These are super cool but they look like they would take FOREVER to complete!!! They look amazing when they are finished, but I feel like I would get way too impatient to actually finish a picture.

Amy Shamosh says:

Where did you get all the of Disney ones? I’ve been looking for them but can’t find them anywhere!!!

Victoria Mannion says:

I’ve done a few paintings i have also completed the colourful cat. I am currently working on a pastel peacocok. I buy my from the joom app. Also I love how you can pick the m up and if you get busy can go back to them a while later

Kathy T says:

I just picked up the tiger cub from this brand the other day. I LOVE it. <3

Storm Tater says:

I’ve seen these and almost purchased one, but I was worried that it wouldn’t look as nice in real life as it does in the picture. Now that I’ve seen your video, I HAVE to have one! Thanks, Shannon!

Kaylee Spacek says:

I ordered one and I can’t wait

Andrea Sions says:

First comment 7 like 14 view

Kupari says:

My friend might have gotten me a diamond painting for my birthday, we haven’t been able to meet up. But I’ve been looking at these for a while now, they just look like fun.I love different art type of things, like adult colouring and pixel art (reminds me of this but it’s done with little pegs) . All these different mediums are fun to explore!

Stacey JN says:

I spray my diamond paintings with modge podge once I’m done to help keep all the diamonds in place. I love diamond painting. Started in January.

Shae Plunkett says:

I am gonna have to track it down here in Australia which is gonna be a bit of a challenge

Volleyball _6 says:

I just purchased one of these and LOVE it!! Thank you for sharing!

paranoiaprincess says:

OMG! MLP! I want every single one you bought! Especially that Dia de Los Muertos (sp) Alice! Also, some of them look like Camilla D’Errico paintings. Although they’re lacking the rainbow goo. I think her work as a diamond painting would be AMAZING!

Joy Akemi says:

Definitely need to look into this. This would be great for me to do while my daughter is in school.

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