30 DIY PAINT HACKS!!! Your Ultimate Guide for Using Acrylic Paint in DIYs, Painting, & Crafting!

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Acrylic paint is one of my favourite media to work with because it’s so versatile. From painting to clay to creating DIY phone cases or custom dolls, it’s such a multi-purpose art supply. I realised that many people might be confused by the huge range of paints & brushes out there so I hope this video can help clear things up!

EDIT: Some people wondered whether titanium white would be safe on skin. Sadly the answer is no because the paint itself contains chemicals like binders, solvents, oils etc.

Titanium Dioxide = A pure white powder created from naturally occurring minerals. This is not toxic and the powder is often added to beauty products. Even LUSH uses titanium dioxide in their powder sunscreen and many other products.

Titanium White = This is paint that contains titanium dioxide powder. It’s not safe for skin since the paint is made up of many other chemicals as well!

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Aishwaryaa Jain says:

I really love watching her videos and completely adore her voice it’s so soothing.:-)

Unicorn Lover says:

Your vids are so stupid

Sasha Hiller says:

Can you please please recreate the cute life hacks de most recent squishy video it looks amazing but I wish it was In English

Hau Thai says:

I don’t know if this is a thing or not : when your planing to paint something completely but you don’t want to because you’ve spent so much time and shared mermeries with it

Helena Khudyna says:

I’m sorry, but those are not hacks at all. jsut the general information. I’d say, it’s an into to the paints.

El Cat says:

I know this is not a clay related video but i have a question can anybody answer? In my area only a resin clay is available and it needs to be mixed in 1:1 ratio but the clay is slightly brownish so whenever i mix any colour in it the colour looks muddy too so how can i make the colours more vibrant? If anybody knws please help me out ^_^

lil swiggles says:

can you make a video about watercolor? i’d appreciate it and i’m a beginner so idk much bout it

fiishes says:

the darker purple (the mixed one) can be used as a substitute for the burnt umber shadows, it looks the best in areas with cool blue hues

Wasim Iqbal says:

I love ur vids they r ssssooooo helpful too

moldymaude says:

Part of the reason your purple looked like that is because you used a warm red with a decidedly cool blue. If you use a cool red with cool blue, you will get a cool purple (which is what the tube purple is). It won’t be quite as vibrant, but a more similar hue. Another option is to use magenta instead of red to get a more true purple, rather than an eggplant color (which will look greyish if you try to dilute it with white).

bala raju says:

This video helped me alot. Cant wait to see more amazing videos just like this.

fiishes says:

well the dark purple (the mixed one) could be a substitute for the burnt umber shadow, for areas with cooler blue hues. its a nice effect for beginners and you’re not using black.

Lauren G says:

Can you do a watercolor version of this??

Chloe Stickley says:

I tried to Watch this yesterday but my iPad crased

Mariam Hossain says:

can you do more gradients?

Happy Pink says:

I love your videos! 🙂

Sofia Animates! says:

You just really bought those different paints for just this video and never use them again? Oml.

Addison Rossi says:

OK, fun fact/weird but true; My grandmothers best friend took care of the woman who had invented acrylic paint. YES IT IS TRUE! And she did in fact add Elmer’s glue as one of the ingredients! I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE!

Kat Honey says:

OMG I’m so happy right now!!
Okay, so I really wanted a Momoji doll last year for my Birthday, and I totally forgot about them and I remembered the dolls a while ago but I couldn’t remember the name of them and it’s been bothering me. And I saw the one on the thumbnail and I freaked out. Thanks!
These tips are also helpful 😀

Lt Featherwise says:

Although these may look the same to some people, they are really different! The cool ones are more vibrant, while the warm ones are more “in their environment”

dogo blep says:

I have 2 paint hacks
1 insted of using 1-2 coats of thick paint use many watered down layers to hide brush strokes (this hack doesn’t aply to canvas it only aplys to painting things such as toys)

2 place 2 sheets of wet paper towl place a sheet of plastic on top and use that as a pallet

Padeuh Prainom says:

00:10 first of all THAT’S PLASTIC WASH

Hayley Esslemont says:

does anyone know what the music track is called at the very start of the video?

Squiggydoo says:

You know, usually I really enjoy your videos as they are quite entertaining, but I can’t believe this one. There are a lot of problems with technique, and many of the hacks in here are more of beginner’s tips or just involve common sense. The title says acrylic paint “hacks”, but the first 4 are using all three types of paint, plus 2-4 are you doing exactly the same thing for the paint, running water over swatched paint. It should be grouped together as a single test, and it definitely is not a “hack”. That’s just how paint behaves. For #14, you really should be watering down your acrylic and using more, thinner layers. Even if two coats of paint covers well, your still going to see brushstrokes, especially if your brand of paint is thicker. If you don’t water it down the paint is just going to look gloopy and uneven. If you want an example of this, take a close look at 15:05. Using many layers of thinner paint makes your paint much more smooth. If you’re testing these out yourself, make sure you absolutely DO NOT glue anything on your acrylic paint without sealing it first with mod podge or other sealant (hack 21). If you don’t seal your acrylic and glue something on top, it is very likely that the object will fall off and take your paint with it. There’s also a huge one in here that she missed. When mixing paint, the true primaries are cyan, magenta, and yellow. These will give you much more vibrant colors than using red and blue. It’s quite easy to mix a very nice purple using these colors instead, and you can avoid buying purple if you need to save money. As for mixing skin tones, the technique shown here will only get you a small range of colors, plus you need to buy more paint colors. Try mixing different amounts of red, yellow, blue, and white to get your skin tones. Depending on the amount of each color you use, you will get a much wider and richer variety of skin tones. Honestly the best way to find a method you like is experimenting yourself with different ratios and shades of each color to find what you like. Also with cadmium pigments, you should be aware that cadmium is a carcinogen, and can cause various types of lung, kidney, and bone disease if you’re not careful, and she just kind of brushed that off in the video. Be very careful around cadmium. Some of these tips were quite nice, like the white glue in the paint to make it flexible, but that is one of the few in this video that should be considered a “hack”. This really should just be a tips and tricks video, or a beginner’s guide to acrylics. I know this video is good natured and not intending to do any harm, but I really think that you should have done some more research before posting a video informing others on how to use the medium. You’re just spreading some bad techniques to young people who are trying to learn, and that may hinder their learning progress. Try checking out some other channels like Dollightful, Hextian, or Sweet Treats Ponies to find some more advanced techniques on toy customizing and DIYs. I’m not trying to be hateful, just informative. I still really enjoy the content on this channel, I just think that this video could be more well researched and the end product more polished for the benefit of your viewers.

Crafty Chihuahua says:

What about a DIY pop socket?

AnimeTrue and a kitten too says:

you sound very calm and satisfying i love satisfying stuff

Ken Kaneki says:

I recommend adding some water to your acrylic paint and doing a lot of thin layers to hide the strokes

Tia Belle says:

Whoa whoa wait please be careful when washing your brushes. If you use warm water then it can make the glue in the ferrule less stable, (for lack of a better word), and it can make the hairs come out of it easier. So using cold water can make it last longer to keep the hairs from coming out of the brush and rubbing onto your canvas.

HowdyThereStranger says:

The first few “hacks” were total crap

L Martin says:

Umm, I don’t mean to sound rude but that’s not gouache is pronounced and watercolors and gouache are very diffrent

Chloee Insta says:

Can u please make a video or life hack about watercolour ? Thx 🙂

mendyzhao1 says:

Love the video ❤️

Phương Thảo Vũ says:


NotAKey says:

12:40 how to paint skin color

Hala Al Saud says:

Thank u Johanna ❤️❤️❤️

Lucy Lindenschmist says:

(i didnt watch the full video because it was to painfull. also no hate against her just a few warnings and truths) i want the people watching this to know that some of the stuff she said is wrong and with not help you (Only a few things). i noticed right off the bat she painted the doll the wrong way, please do not use a “base” coat to cover up paint, use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove the paint i recommend this over a base coat becauseits more effective and doesnt waiste paint. number 2: she recomends you dont clean your pallets, THIS IS EXTREMELY BAD! first of all its confusing (for most people), 2 once its completely dried you cant get it off not by scrapping washing or even rubbing alcohol, and worst of all it can atract bacteria to your pallet. number 3: she says you only need 2 brushes, if you actually want to get into painting please know 2 brushes wont cut it, youll only learn how to use 2 types and wont be able to learn how to use any other types of brushes. and its not confussing sure it might take effort but it pays off, and theres different types of brushes to make things more easy. thats all im gonna say but joanna if your reading tnis please do reaserch and know thats kids are watching so that way you dont teach kids things that are wrong. thank you if you read this and im very sorry if i offended you but know im a fan of her too.

Three Shooting Stars says:

Tysm!!! I learned a lot!! U r the best and so satisfying!!!

Kitten Productions says:

I’m a cutinator! 😀

Erin Weasley says:

mixing a crimson/ultramarine would make that purple more vibrant. mixing a warm red/cold blue or cold red/warm blue always makes colours muddier

amazing artist says:

Actually acrilyc paint is thin so you sometimes Need more coats then one (believe me i know this paint for so many years)

This isnt ment as hate, i really love your videos so much

legitmagiccat says:

Here are some tips for looking after your brushes !
1. Do not keep brushes in the water pot after use , clean them and set them aside .
2. When drying your brushes do not place them upright in a pot ,instead lay them flat
3. Dont mix paint with the brush ,use a pallet nife or a peace of card cut into triangle shape .
4.make sure to wash them after every use .

Sarah Zhao says:

Are you a lefty I just noticed that

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