3 Pinterest Art DIYs – HGTV Handmade

Make Pinterest-inspired art for your room with these 3 easy DIY techniques. Add cool colors, fun phrases, or motivational and inspirational quotes to really make them your own. Cut out shapes to create geometric typography art, blend hues for an ombre sponge painting, or make a two-toned calligraphy message.

Marianne’s Calligraphy Tips:

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Britney Best says:

this was amazing!

Scrub Lord says:

What a waste of canvas

Di McCollaum says:

I love the sponge art one. Can you do more of these with different color schemes?

Wafflez And whipcream says:

My favourite phrase from her if when she says Wehla

Stephanie De Luna says:

What white marker did you use

Patrick Pasaporte says:

I like everything <3 !!!!!!

Khop T says:

What are those black and white pens you use

Ashley Torres says:

I hate how she goes WHHHAAAAALLAAA after everything she did on the
Is video no hate tho please

Tavbui352 says:

What a wonderful idea!

Viju Chatterjee says:

Which pen r u using? Pls tell ASAP

Spaghetti Oodles says:

I like all of them but i don’t have canvases, where would i buy some or could i just use cardboard or something?

Rachael Weir says:

Feel free

Mental Hospital says:

ur so beautiful ahhauahahah

Madalena Soares says:

I love

Eva Vlietinck says:

capre diem thats latin

shreya. gurav says:

I love the blue ones

Lisa McHugh says:

Please do what I am saying, everyone will like it, so can you please do some cat DIYs? Everyone will like it! TRUST ME!!!

Somtochi Ohakah says:

How did she cut the blue paper?

Nevaeh Nichole says:

I’m a DIY person too!

park ah ra says:

the 1st one was my fav.

Olivia Slickers says:

Self note: 0:54 – 2:04 use as a notebook cover.

KebastianAshton says:

I made mine say You smell like a dog and added a pomeranian key chain hanging from it

rajesh chouhan says:

nice handwritten

Emily Higgins says:

I liked the one that said good vibes only

Alajah Rogers says:

super cool

Artist Flare says:

What always ruins my canvas is the writing lol

Julia Benson says:

0:16 lmao

joycoconutnut says:

Love all of these!

Sarah Rhynes says:

I’m making one for my friend that says “your imagination is your limit “

Grace Lowther says:

I like all of them its just whenever I try ,I mess up, lets hope again that this time I don’t

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