WEIRD DIY SLIME YOU MUST TRY | Barbie Hair Slime, Light Up Slime, School Supplies Slime, WORM Slime!

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WEIRD DIY SLIME YOU MUST TRY | Barbie Hair Slime, Light Up Slime, School Supplies Slime, WORM Slime!

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“Life In Tinseltown 5”
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Breakfast slime

charli jønes says:

Am I the only one that died at the start? My headphones aren’t working anymore 🙁

Jordan Cringe says:

Anyone want to support each other’s channels?

Denise Charles says:

Already subbed a long time ago

Zofia Zub says:

Just no! To that intro

Captain cookie munch says:

cookie doah and milk

Harley Peacock says:

Glass slime

Juan Padilla says:

egyt3I I 33 5rnencf of the first place for a new one 6th 474-7156776778ohhb is crezy lordy but u want to time for a new one 6th 474-7156776778ohhb is crezy lordy but u want to time 4th the first place for a new one 44433 3

Help! I've Gone Mad says:

My ears are bleeding…

Taitiana Linares says:

Chill out on those intros

Tania lee says:

she said “if you miss school then I said “nobody will miss school it sucks


Mackup slime


Juice slime

DIY_GIRL 867 says:

Its pronunciation is like stuh-flo

DaKawaiiCakey says:

I thoght this is a Collab,? On nicole skyes?


Candy slime

Alyssa marie says:

your vids get worse and worse!!!

Rae Brings says:


Viridiana Gutierrez says:

i did all the slimes and they looked glitterful

lochan reddy says:

Hi l liked the cotton candy slime

Kaylie Creation says:

this video shows that she’s losing ideas and subscribers

angel_3.5 says:

Can you do a unicorn slime

Cecilia Chavez says:

I love you and I want to meet you and could I win the price

kaylee swencki says:

the intro was very cool!

Denise Charles says:

Hope I win

Melissa Melly says:

What do you use to edit your vids?❤

Shanay nae says:

I actually loved the intro! Its was so energetic and happy and colourful❤I love it❤☺

Aussie_Cat_Productions says:

Can you make some tiger slime or any animal slime

Lunar Stellar says:

I absolutely love you BRELAND. /___/ / /( · · ) / /(_______)~* /

Laura Quinn says:

I like the my little pony one and school one

Elias Kids says:

Is it just me or has evryone subscribed to her and never one a giveaway

Raven Harris says:


Danielle Stanley says:

the brand of the cereal is TIX


Orbeez slime

Indhumathi Raghu says:

She is washing many things. Waste of time

Indhumathi Raghu says:

I mean she is wasting many things

Michelle Kaumans says:

how about popcorn stripe

Black Star says:

Almost everyone in the comments is hating! Why y’all gotta be that way? Let her do her.

DaKawaiiCakey says:

Rip Headphones user on the intro! I totally hated the intro

maddie mortimer says:

please do a video of edible string

Daisy flores says:

Plz y sub to boot Chaneles and i hace never winned a give Away plz choose me youe aré soo funny and pretty and so creative y love youer vids youe aré my favorito youe tuber

Jennifer Leon says:

it look like trix

G & G says:

The cereal are trix

Kate Kittens says:

what the hell is that intro? And did you just add slime to anything you could think of? (and honestly, I’m guessing youve just learned how to edit because its all over the place)

NøUšə says:

good fucking lord that intro

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