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We scraped together some (somewhat) hosehold items to make this DIY selenite lamp! Always check the blog for more gorgeous photos and info about our DIYS: https://goo.gl/ER9zm6

Selenite online (size may be different):

Edited by Nora McCoy

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just me. says:

maybe if you would take a mason jar instead of the crystal and put a tried rose inside, it would look like the rose from beauty and the beast

brandilyon says:

i feel like the etched lamp is possible with a glass platter from the thrift store, an inexpensive glass etching hand tool (maybe $20) or etching liquid on a template, and a base somewhere between this one and the ikea mirror diy from a while ago in between pieces of wood. totally doable!

Bobby Lee says:


Lost Angeles says:

It looks like shit

GTR Wendy says:

Just make sure you guys dont use meth for your lights

Brooke McDonnell says:

I would love to see an etched light like you described…. Maybe with y’all’s logo????

Maesita Aurani says:

thats totally gorgeous!!! love it so much, gonna make some time to search and try. olso please please please try the moon lamp! i’ve tried that with balloon, crap paper and glue, but it flopped :(( gonna wait for yours! goodluck the Sorry Girls!!!!!

Jonathon Spagenske says:

it’d be easier to just buy one for a fraction of the price that you’ll spend on these “household” items

Hannah Eleanor says:


Mickelee Thompson says:

How about doing diy wall art? Photo frames?

Plumbus Master says:

Hesinberg disapproves ..

Amy Lamb says:

Oooh, totally been thinking about doing a moon lamp! Just did some searching and there are printouts you can find for making a 3-D moon / planet! http://www.vendian.org/mncharity/dir3/planet_globes/

halffulltome says:

Clothes peg?

powrslave says:

vocal fry overload, i skip

Jojo Star says:

DIY crystal meth tutorial pls

V says:

I don’t know who these people are but I can see they’re jumping on the crystal lights/Himalayan salt lamp bandwagon. Do people even know why their used or just do it cause it’s what’s “trending”

msdogooder says:

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Alessia Raguseo says:

Love to see the etched lamp omg luv u guys 🙂

LEAF says:

SO cute and creative. Absolutely love!

ItSoFluffy says:

Y’all trending!!!

TheSorryGirls says:

We LOVE us a good crystal lamp. ✨ Responding to comments now!!

Michael Fussell says:

Who in the right state of mind has a light just for selfies in the first place?

mochiplay says:


joe segovia says:

That etchy, scratchy, chalk-on-a-baseboard voice, El yucho.

Elise Liu says:

yess do the other lamp too

Alexander Nava says:

This reminds me of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude Decor circa 1980

Caroline Gobeil says:

So pretty! Could you do a DIY crystal for this?

narmaK says:

She’s gorgeous that lamp looks sick I might actually try it

Elizabeth M says:

Would the plastic base begin to warp or burn after using the selfie light?

2016imhere says:

I have that selfie light it’s shit it lasted one day with good batteries… Don’t waste your money

Mike Stickle says:

Anyone local

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