Survival Tip: Two SHTF DIY Light Options

Sensible Prepper Presents: Survival Tip: SHTF Light options. DIY Emergency Lateran and make-shift Flashlight.

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aerosaaber says:

Reminds me of the guys who use a soda bottle w/ water and a little bleach as a “sky light” in poor countries. It is a pretty ingenious little idea.

BLACKtoothGRIN says:

I should have known that bulb to battery trick long ago but I’m happy I know now. thanks.keep up the good work !and the good fight

Carolina Traveling With James Montgomery says:

Try it with a milk jug it works great. Also to easily remove labels try pouring very hot water into your jug or bottle or glass jar. Don’t fill it all the way up, leave enough room to shake it, then shake it real hard. This excites the molecules to make the water even hotter. Then let it sit for a minute or two and then peel the label off.

rogerwilco99 says:

A headlamp also makes a fair tent light if you hang it from the center of the tent. It’s not that bright. But at least you can see to get ready to sleep or to dress before dawn.

Don’t arc the paper clips to both ends of the batteries. You can drain a lot of the battery life that way, up to 30%, very quickly.

You can also do that with a single CR123 battery and a regular flashlight bulb.

Trajanowski Rifleworks says:

What about wrapping half the full bottle (horizontally) with aluminum foil, and than putting the light on top of the cap. Will it be brighter since the aluminum foil is reflective?

Fishinis Good says:

You are so cool

Assassin White Hat says:

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Jesus herrera says:

i have  5 maglites 3 are led u can unscrew the head that holds the lens and hang it upside down and it will light every thing

Jacob Strenski says:

If you add some bleach to the water, the bottle will shine brighter.

tandua says:

what is “shtf” initials refer to?q

kaykay0320 says:

Your voice is really convincing. You should be in commercials! You have a commercial voice lol

Jerry Nski says:

good info

masterhelijettester says:

It’s amazing what you can make with duct tape and safety wire when you’re stuck out.

Joe Roy says:

@TheyKNOWandYouDONT I’m 26 and I loved macgyver growing up one of the best shows

Raven Sword says:

Love the D cell light. I like this too, easy 9v torch

Bruce Forster says:

I LIKED this one! The idea of using a water jug as a lamp never occurred to me! BRILLIANT-if you’ll excuse the pun….

Panthera Pardus says:

Hey thanks, those were some really good ideas. I am just getting into this whole game. I like to see what others are doing, ideas etc..

Rick Barrett says:

You can put the water bottle in front of a mirror to get more  light.

Joe Roy says:

I’ve done this just messing around never thought about actually using this like a lantern! I use a headlight everyday it’s essential for my job emergency road side service. My pap gave me a battery powered later made by GE it’s actually really awesome for when the lights are out and I’m going to test it out fishing

HQCOMMS65 says:


pierreb03038 says:

Instead of water bottle, how about using a lava lamp? :). Seriously, great tips! Thanks,

Eric's Everything says:

Try molding aluminum foil to have makeshift reflector.

05641_Prepper says:

Very cool.  I’ll have to give that a try during our next power outage.  We have several 5 gallon bottles of water, I bet this would work well with those as well.

Stick em up Beach says:

Awesome once again

jdessell says:

Should I buy Leatherwood jugs? Do they cast light better than other water jugs?

415 Mazer says:

wonderful, love your outtakes

Romana Angersbach says:

I’m sure the best instruction is on ShepherdSurvives website.

Jay Thom says:

Great videos…Thanks for sharing! 

paismonster says:

no more blinding light to keep you awake, brilliant!

Trajanowski Rifleworks says:

Pour a little bit of bleach in the bottle, and you’ll have more light 🙂

Deborah Gonzalez says:

add a cut piece of toilet paper roll to funnel the light..

Jud March says:

I’ve done the water bottle with my solar lights from my garden when we went 7 days without power due to a mean Arizona storm. Works even better if you put it in front of a mirror. Thanks for all your great tips♥

Michael Mendez says:

Being a electrician people always assume that when I am working there are lights they would be wrong to assume that specially that I work at night and some times I have to climb in to manholes at 3am .I have spare lights on me all times even glow sticks head lamps are great make sure they are double aa don’t buy the 3 aaa crap but I know that u know because u are a smart person it’s for others

sd10559sd says:

You could also put a mirror behind the water bottle to double the light reflection to make it brighter.

Gear Runner says:

I love videos that actually teach me something thats useful thank you

gamerdadgeckman says:

Just found your channel. Awesome! Thanks for the tips!

Matthew Frederick says:

Very true. Never know what your going to need to know and knowledge is power. Thanks for reminding me, I made these as a kid, good tip, Could safe the day to know this.

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