Super-Bright DIY Portable LED Light Panel

This is a really important lighting project if you want to shoot quality movies or photography on the go. I use LED light strips to make a small portable lighting panel for just a few dollars. Support me on Patreon –

Products Used (Affiliate Links)
LED Strip –
Mini Switch –
M3 Spacers & Screws –
Polycarbonate –
3v Coin Cell Batteries –
Battery Holders –
22 ga Hook Up Wire –
1/4 – 20 Tap –
Red Nerd Glasses Eye Protection –
Angled Aluminium – 1/16 (Purchased at HomeDepot)

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“Erykah” by Otis McDonald

“Walk With Me” by Silent Partner

“Scratchy Romance” & “Magical Night”
by Jay Man

“Gypsy Dance” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena


TheMusicVlogger says:

even though I know nothing about electrical engineering I found this incredibly interesting!

Emir Pjevač says:

you are cute and smart

Robert Fretwell says:

I am looking at making a small light table like this. What is the difference between stranded and solid wire? Can either be used?

event horizon says:

Sogood you project I like

ravi kumar says:

Haii thanku madam for niceproject..i requesting u madam i want put this project to an recharge batteries with voltage regulator for 120v to 12v please give me guidence ho to make for my home plss

Jeffrey_40K says:

Very Cool Idea, Good Upgrade Options, a Dimmer and Re-chargeable Battery.. you can get a Iphone Very slim Replacement Battery for Very Cheap on Ebay in Battery Replacement Kit.

polasheck says:

wow I love your work and your stuff – I wish I lived in Usa In uK i Live in flat I got garage but no electrocity so cant do stuff you do in there. Are you polish ? best regards from Uk

deakae says:

Great project, great video production.

Lower North says:

I made one similar to this, with a much larger battery and a dimmer control

Having problems with the dimmer though, need one with a higher frequency for video work

Have incorporated a charging port into mine as well, next will be a battery indicator and diffuser panel

Lumen Tech says:

u looks so…lovely

Ebrahim Harris says:

hi there.. excellent work keep it up.. by the way do you have any plan to build a dual colour temperature light panel with dimmer control?

FatBoy Nation says:

I was wondering,what was the dimensions of the Polly peaces that you cut? I want to try to make a light like this, and as well what was the thickness of the Polly as well?

my world of epic blocks1 says:

Wow so far your video is the best on youtube

Juani Reppucci says:

Nice, but FYI a single coin cell battery contaminates 600,000 liters of water, you use four so almost TWO AND A HALF MILLION liters of water.

B. Anderson says:

Hi, Great videos! I am going to build this project for extra lighting for my workbench. I am getting into working with electronics and could use some extra light from time to time. However, instead of being powered by batteries, I am going to power it by plugging it into an outlet.  The LED strip (based on the link you provided) have arrived from Amazon.  You mentioned in your video that you could add an additional 4 batteries for extra power for more light; since I am powering my light panel form an outlet source, could I simply add more power?  You have LOTS of great projects and ideas. Thanks for post them!

Thusitha Thanthirige says:

You are a great Girl……………

[Sable] says:

What about adding a potentiometer?

gorogoro pisyan says:

its a great idea . Can I  get  Electronic circuit?

Destynick says:

Great idea! Thanks!

Sanket Sunkad says:

hi this is nice 🙂 can please tell me how can i use this to get bright flood lighting kinda thingy for my night time cricket practice in my backyard nets. like rechargeable battery powered stuff. can you ?

Lahna Amjad says:

Amazing video it’s so helpful

DocGenius1 / Videos says:

You Ms Lady is a genius, Thank you for sharing………Peace

KiLLrFOX916 says:

I really enjoy watching your DIY videos and I think for another version you could also add a frost effect using vinyl onto the acrylic. This way the light will be more soft and diffused to give more even lighting effect in photos. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Andrei Grigore says:

How do you switch the battery connection from series to parallel?

Alex Jeudy says:

Great ideas and videos…Thank You

lee yi ling says:

love all your videos!

mcladrifter says:

I’m curious if this could be powered with a power bank instead of the cells.

Maškov Production says:

what type of battery is best to use for 18w led? i need something rechargable

Louis Robledo says:

this is great will build this, but i will add a voltage dimmer

JustinCase says:

geez is there no way to make an led panel without the use of all these tools? especially soldering.. great video anyway

Omgerday says:

I wish I had a shop like that

mrqthews says:

how about a ‘frosted’ front panel to eliminate the dots of light reflected from some objects.

The Bearli says:

Great! thanks for this project.. I will build the same for Photo shootings!
can you make a second method, like a flashlight?

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