Soft Box for $7 [DIY]

Here’s how to make your own soft box for just $7 (the cost of the diffusion) and some cardboard!

I use a “251 Quarter White” diffusion.


This is the 500 light LED panel in the video:

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If I can...You can says:


R V Cubing says:

thanks this really helped

Makeup Mobster says:

I bet you can use that press and seal Saran Wrap stuff instead of that light filter cloth and get the same effect and use an LED Work light from hardbor freight and then it would be even cheaper!

Schardt Cinematic Productions says:

I also read about using a cheap thin white shower curtain liner as well

Fara Aziz says:

$7 wow!

Nick Conroy // Music says:

omg everyone is freaking out cause it’s a little over $7. That’s still nothing. Great video @Dustin thanks for sharing your creativity.

Curiosity says:


Kazzzzzo says:

Very good. I would use elastic bands and hooks instead of ropes, but anyway, very informative! 😉

Ricardo Clavijo says:

voy a intentarlo

World Of Knowledge says:


Michael Young says:

As someone who is kitting out a home studio as inexpensively as possible this is great. Thanks!

ScoopFellOff says:


Robert Silvers says:

Or you can buy a professionally-made, giant 47 inch one (4x the size), for $20 online.

drutgat2 says:

Many thanks for this.

Steven Briggs says:

Very helpful! Thank you 🙂

seyhan köseoğlu says:

if the light gets too hot won’t it burn the cardboard??

Mario Ignar says:

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mommyray411 says:

So wrap a 200$ light in cardboard… isn’t that how it originally came? Lol just messen with you.

Mertalia says:

Me: puts wax paper on my desk lamp

Golden Sage says:

What is the white paper name is?

Abuzer Kadayıf says:

What a shit video is this. includes only clickbait

MTTM says:

Okay, so I have a lamp that had a ring light in it along with a regular bulb. The ring light broke but the bulb works and I wanted to just wrap about a quarter of the lamp in a white sheet and tape it with electrical tape for this kind of look. With the bulb I have it doesn’t produce a lot of heat (I can touch it with it on and not get burnt) I don’t think it would catch fire do you think this can work? Should I use a different kind of material? I want a soft box look but sadly I’m broke. 🙁 I’ve seen someone use an umbrella to cover his light and another person used some kind of plastic any ideas?

Shawn Jones says:

lol @ “500 watt equivalent”. thats pretty much a marketing term. can you please provide lumen output and kalvin temp in future videos when you talk of out light output? thanks.

foil does not reflect better than most good white paint. in fact iirc it might be worse. mylar is what you use if you really care but white paint and other options not a ton worse. brighter and more lights always much more superior than any reflection methods. thanks for the vid

Dan Everton says:

Way worse are those glove commercials that damn well assume you have hands. *sarcasm*

esmokebaby says:

I have a circle dome from what i use to use as a heat lamp could i make one out of that

The Lost Gentleman says:

I saw this video 2 years ago and have been looking for it since. Thanks a bunch for this DIY trick! I will try this!

Sunny Neon Raye says:

fun fact: If you can jerryrig it together, a naked bulb on a lamp throws enough light for general video making purposes when enclosed o by a white surface in the same shape as a soft box .
Just be careful of the shape you use. I attempted to enclose the light in a white laundry basket that was balanced on a chair. It was a recipe for disaster, really. The light actually worked great, but the basket toppled off and I nearly broke my light.
You may need a stronger LED if you want to light a larger area, but generally desktop lamps (Like the ones that look like lampy from Pixar) cand do the trick.

Aki U says:

Hmmm, nothing wrong with the video, but the light, plus all the supplies makes it a bit expensive… if you have everything on hand it works, but I might just go ahead and pay the $50 for a set of lights from ebay. :/

Mr.Aszure perry says:

can I use this with my lamp?

Hanging out with Ron Walters says:

Wow! Alright! Thank you, Thank you!!!

Lowkey Jane says:

Well… not really $7 now is it…

Vixreida Cosplay says:

clickbait — you guys

Mohammad Wajahat says:

This is just a lazy video.
Waste of time.

Michael Ruggeri says:

looks like the dude from Scrubs.

Divino Dayacap says:

saw the piano and guitars….

Mateusz Wargin says:

to jakiś żart

Hello Good Day here! says:

You piece of poop, go back to Mexico you s*** f***

dev known says:

Soft Box for $102 …..

Girly Girlz 2 says:

WOW.. Great idea! So simple, inexpensive and so clear and easy to understand and you speak so well on camera. What most viewers don’t realize, is how extremely challenging it is to produce a tutorial like this one, with all of the details that are necessary to complete this entire project. Trimming out all of the fat from the video when editing AND filming AND bringing to us viewers a 5 minute video. Can’t express enough how extremely challenging this is to do. I mean, I can’t even keep my comment under 5 minutes to read. lol Excellent job Dustin! I wish you all the success with your channel that you deserve. Thanks for the vid!

Officine Video Vlog says:

very well done, but the point is: i will have a fragile sofbox (being in cardboard), no possible to disassemble it, so very bulky. I have to buy the tripods apart. On ebay for 80 euros i can have a disassemblable couple of lightbox, including 8 cold light bulbs and 2 tripods, and the bag, shipment included…..

The PAW says:

I have a lotta shoplifting to do…

T Cornacchione says:

Thanks for the tips Dustin! I had googled DIY light boxes and clicked a link to you before I realized it was you. Keep up the good work!

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