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Hey everybody, I hope you like this DIY. It’s for any of you who are lusting over the famous diva ring light but don’t have the money to fish out. This is a great alternative for the time being. I hope you found it helpful
I found this to be very helpful in preventing the very harsh glare that using a normal clamp light. The light shines through a lot softer this way.
Make sure to use a daylight bulb for more of a natural light look.

✖️LIGHT BULB I USED http://www.amazon.com/GE-Lighting-89095-replacement-1600-Lumen/dp/B002YEXMUK/ref=sr_1_3?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1421452043&sr=1-3&keywords=GE+26+Watt+Energy+Smart+CFL

✖️CLAMP LIGHT http://www.walmart.com/ip/Bayco-8.5-Clamp-Light/14003467
✖️TRIPOD http://www.amazon.com/Targus-42-Inch-Universal-Tripod-TG-42TT/dp/B001AK04VY
Have the lamp at least 4-5 feet away from you so it looks softer.



Josh Woodward “crazy glue”

diva light right diy affordable


LaurensDesigns says:


Frida Mitterhofer says:

If I don’t have freezer paper or wax paper, what else can I use?

JaniYaoiChan says:

This is my thanks for you! I’ve saved myself 200 bucks!

kate gallardo says:

thanks beautiful

Unapologeticmoi says:

nice , thanks for the idea

AEGEAN says:

Thank you so much for this! I’m going to try this… TODAY. 🙂

MissExclusive4 says:

thank you for sharing this.

Fëmpirë production says:

I’m starting a YouTube channel so this definitely helps

Klr Designz says:

Thanks so much you are the problem solver

Karol Cha'So says:

Am a new subbie and I love your videos you helping new youtubers,bless your kind heart darling….love from Rome Italy

XxSabrinaxX says:

Hey does the craft foam have to be grey x

KathleenO16 says:

What a smart idea!

cameragirlish says:


Brielle Dior says:

Wow.. Really changed my life lol

Enhance with Kimberley says:

Awesome DIY!! Definitely gonna try!

Nurse Calls says:

Great tip!!! Thank you

Sean Margaux says:

This is so clever omg

Khaled Salam says:

Definitely I am doing that

Axis Film says:

im going to use this for my film 😀 but ….butbutbut ……. im afraid to canvas on hardwares so …. can you give me the price so that i can save the right money xD

Anusis Aman says:

But if someone doesn’t have a tripod what is one supposed to use? I don’t have one all of them are really expensive. Please let me know

De'Asha Mitchell says:

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for this tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This just saved me so much money!

Tiim says:


Letina Day says:

the best DIY lighting…very simple instructions…THXS!

Melody Barrow says:

I love it…thank you for the info

its_justmaria says:

I just did this and omg it works amazing, but I only use it to film bc it gets super hot !

Lucero Romero says:

How did u get the thing to stay on your tripod ? What kind of tripod I also use my phone

Delilah's Life says:

what’s the name of that lamp

Elena Dolores says:

is this safe though? the lights can get really hot. how long do u leave it on for?

LucasKim says:

Hey i like the video! One question though.. so i thought what you did was genius so i did it myself and when it came to conclusion the light ended up burning the paper and i used regular paper btw.. so is it the light that’s to strong or is it the paper?

Dee Williamson says:

This is really awesome! I’m going to make this!

Indie_Nikole says:

Yasss! thank you for sharing!

Just me Margret says:

Awesome video.. I have a channel too, maybe you wanna check it out, and support each other by sub for sub? Hugs

Jailyn Faye says:

This is a great video and I just made my own light but is there something else I can use besides craft foam?

Aila Marie Nicole Lumayag says:

does it also gives your eyes a circle thing effect just like the normal ring light? please answer thank you.

howtoplaywithfire says:

Thank you so much! This was so helpful!!

Raelei Boles Vlogs says:

I can not find the clamp light? I went to Walmart but they said they don’t carry it

Khushi Thakur says:

Do u have to use foam??

Soopa Sinema says:

Thank you for the post, I’ve also made a few LED light panels that I use for filming. Remote control, dimmable, battery option. Please view and leave feedback. http://isoopa.com/post/45

Delilah's Life says:

thank you very helpful…

Gabe Robert says:

wouldn’t the heat melt the shit outta everything?

Mariah Nayleen says:

great video thanks file-sharing

krazyiya says:

Can you use aluminum instead of freezer paper

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