Orbeez DIY Light Box Butterfly Art | Official Orbeez

Orbeez Light Box
Make an Orbeez LIGHT BOX BUTTERFLY? It’s fun and easy! Just put Orbeez on a stencil over a standard lightbox and create BEAUTIFUL ORBEEZ LIGHT ART! Oooo… so pretty!

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Orbeez DIY Light Box Butterfly Art | Official Orbeez

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– Orbeezone


Top 10 says:


Kate Games says:

+orbeezone I did see it

Lumi G says:


Adhira Madiraju says:

Do an elephant

AlexandriaSaravia Vlogs says:

This cool

Isadora Menesescruz says:


Kate Games says:

That looks amazing

Isadora Menesescruz says:


But first lets Vlog says:

Cool love it

Adhira Madiraju says:

Can u do a video where u have a pool or water slide filled with thousands of orbeez

Skye Liddell says:

Fill a room with orbeez

Sparky824 Sparky824 says:

I loved your video and I love orbeez I’m getting them for my birthday woo hoo !Isubbed to you

Maylenita Kawai says:


Ashton Swartzel says:

Get a shirt and glue orbee,s on to it then where the shirt

Trinidad Huerta says:

so cool and awesome

Olga's beauty ! says:

U should do an orbeez pillow or water blob

Adhira Madiraju says:

Do u have the orbeez body spa

Laela Woods says:

this should be put on oddly satisfying video

JK Squad says:


Gymnastics Dance says:

So cool

Domonique Roberts says:


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