Niki and Gabi DIY Light Bulb Art?! | Niki and Gabi DIY or DI-Don’t

Niki and Gabi are attempting to make a night light with a light bulb! What do you want them to try next?
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DIY or DI-Don’t is the show where Niki and Gabi try to DIY crazy things they see on Pintrest to see if it is a DIY or DI-DON’T!
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Merari Espinoza says:

It a DIY

Domo Thomas says:

Di don’t because how can it be a fit if Gabi’s didn’t work?

Shantel Singh says:

I love GABI she is just Arian grande

Natalie Torres says:


Aria2017coolgirl#chad Gabriel says:

Omg niki amazing

Lauzie Dog says:

Hallelujah. The Michael Jackson face !!!!!

Jemmy Jubes says:

“That was my Michael Jackson face! hahahaha”

edna Schrader says:


Maizah Chowdhary says:

At 3:35 the bulp looks like a face.

Elizabeth hernandez says:


ajmeet Kaur says:

can u use material markers

Tikare Stores says:

a di-do di-do di-do do do do do do do do do do do do od do do do

Lara Stevenson says:


Pilar G says:

I’m sorry Gabi

King Johnson says:


Playing Brothers says:

I made minds and it was beautiful

Emmy Lizzie says:

Gabi looks like Ariana G

Sana Bilal Khan says:

this is a totally amazing DIY you cant call it a di dont just because gabbi failed. gabbi failed because she didnt try hard enough. And NO im not a gabbi hater im just saying

Viridiana Jacinto says:

Niki’s is so cool

Herobrine Games says:


alyaamani says:

1:59 why gabi’s nose look different tho. didnt mean to hate

Melany Branstitter says:

Hay niki and gabi can you use different markers

Jessie Gonzales says:

gabis bulb is pretty cool and sso is Nikkis

Nguyen Tran says:


Elizabeth says:

wait if a DIY is un-do-able then it it’s a DI-Don’t but if it works, wouldn’t it be a DI-do??

Padovan Home says:

You guys should call it DIY or DI-why

Zackiera Wakefield says:

di dot

Katelyn Parks says:

It is definitely a DI-Do

Sahana Tiru says:

stop at 44 seconds

Galina Valova says:

I think this was cool.

KT.Random says:

We’re did they get that bulb holder thing

purple bandit says:


Chloe Updike says:

d.i.y girl d.i.y.

Joselin Juarez says:

it is a diy do i did it it work

Playing Brothers says:


obdulia Jordan says:

This is obviously a DI-Don’t .
Nobody has that amount of time on a light bulb .

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